Monday, October 3, 2016

Habitual Coffee

Survey says more people nowadays drink coffee regularly.  In the U.S. alone, coffee consumption rose 5% in 2013, according to a National Coffee Association survey, meaning that today 83% of the adult population drinks coffee; 75% have coffee at least once a week.  Credit on the info here.

Though there would be a slight difference when we compare the stats with the Manila coffee drinkers, that can also be said true.  With the advent growth of coffee themed coffee shops, and the rise of the third wave coffee movement, more and more are stimulated in drinking cups upon cups of coffee.

At home alone, I can list the variety of coffee my husband and I would drink.  If time permits, I'd make us Italian brewed coffee from a moka pot, or use a conventional electric coffee maker with some local ground beans.  But most of the time, we would just have 3 in one sachets or Steep's in coffee bags.

After attending 2nd Philippine National Barista Championship (2014) I've grown to have a great interest in coffee especially in trying out imported and highly aromatic coffee beans.  Thus, when the glorious days came for the birth of third wave coffee generation, I couldn't help but give in to my coffee-nating habit.

After searching the net for a coffee shop of that kind near Italian Embassy, I was led to Habitual Coffee, it's new venue might I say.

Oddly located inside the compound for health buffs, right in the very building where Primal Ape Crossfit gym is located, habitual sits right in front of the gate.  You might miss it cause it doesn't seem to look like your typical coffee shops.

It camouflages in concrete and industrial look.  But I heard they serve the best aeropressed coffee.

Their menu board above the counter...

Don't let the cold, industrial theme lure you away.

They serve really good coffees and food.

Since I was there to eat light and try their coffee, because I was scheduled to visit a Vegan resto at the Chino Roces Extension, Live Life Vegetarian Restaurant, I just had Grilled Cheese.

It's a sandwich composed of three kinds of cheeses, with the breads slathered with their own-made fig jams.  The sandwich was then perfectly grilled and served on a wooden plank with cassava chips and the melded cheeses oozing out of the warm breads.

I was hoping to get a cup of Joe, but when I saw the tea selection and saw Rose Chai Latte, I died!  Please don't ever make me choose between coffee and tea, coz I'll give you nada!

This hot cup of milk tea is flavored with rose essences. or probably half-made with rose water.  I don't know, I just love it, however, the sweetness and a little cloying is undeniable, it still remains to be the drink of the modern hippies.

See their citations?  Would you still ask for more?

Address:  2135 Chino Roces Avenue,
                Legaspi Village, Makati City

Habitual Coffee Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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