Friday, October 14, 2016

Vibe Superfood Super Launch

Berry Good Chia Parfait Sampler

How I wished I could have met a Superhuman being yesterday at this event I went to.  Nevertheless, I did meet a lot of people getting into the healthy vibe with superfoods. Ever since I knew about this kind of wholesome foods that were slowly being introduced into the Philippine market last 2012 after attending a media launch hosted by Sugar Leaf (Healthy Eats) along Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., I became hooked to the idea.

Do read about that story here.

To keep myself and my family in the pink of health, I make sure to incorporate some of these superfood into our meals.  If you think that it only holds a certain spot for maca, chia seeds, goji berries,  acai berries, spirulina, hemp, think again.

Here are lists of other superfood we should be adding to our daily diet:

apples                 walnuts          mangosteen         steel cut oats             salmon        brown/black rice
avocados             spinach          cauliflower         lentils                         kale             olives
oysters                 kiwi               black beans        asparagus                  bananas        strawberries
sweet potatoes    grapes            oranges               sunflower seeds        Greek Yogurt
green tea             black tea        white tea             soya milk                  walnuts

Along with those food to fill your kitchen, there are also cafes that offer these ingredients as important elements in their dishes rooting for a healthier lifestyle.  One of which is Vibe Superfood Cafe.

Vibe SuperFood offers dishes that are specially designed to supercharge your day. For filling power-lunches, grab a pasta dish like our Pesto-Mania or a salad like the Sexy Kan-I for dine-in, or get a wrap or sandwich option if you’re on the go.

Have an antioxidant-rich smoothie bowl (Açai My Name) or chia parfait (Berry Good) for something refreshing and uplifting to start your day. Enjoy a cold-pressed juice or even a concentrated juice shot to give your day an extra kick.

At the launch, we were able to savor some of the stuff on their menu.

Pink Me Up is a cup I'd love waking up to.  It's a pink cuppa Joe or Cuppa Glow...
It's actually coffee, with Vibe's own blend of coffee, cold brewed and steeped for days and spiked up with Acai, soya milk, coco milk, pandan and beet.  The beet could explain it's popping pink color.

It's time to step up with this refreshing cup, which is lightly flavored and sweetened but you're assured of kickstarting your day in the pink of health.

This "berry-yummy" cup is outrageously packed with a mix of energy-giving food from chia seeds, coconut yogurt, with some hints of matcha, some odd textures and flavors from cacao nibs, bananas, mango and berries.

A great before or after workout snack.

They also have rice meals and pasta dishes.  I'm officially loving how creamy their Pesto-mania.  It's fettuccine in the creamiest pesto sauce, which according to Bea, one of the owners, have malunggay.  

Salmon Like Me is one of their filling sandwiches.  Salmon salad was spread over toasted wheat breads and completed with red onions and Romaine lettuce.

You can tell how vibrant this cafe is with the kind of menu designed for them.
It's a nest for millennials who knows how to value their health and a gem for foodies alike.  Seating may not be that plenty, but you will feel comfortable and relaxed, make sure to check out their sister company too, LIFE Yoga

Address:   2nd Floor, Forbestown Mall,
                 8 Forbestown Road,
                 Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Vibe Cafè Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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