Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Festa del Vino the Most Italianesque Wine Festival at McKinley Hill

In most part of Italy, hanging bunches of grapes swell and beg to be picked, this is in the months of September and October. The season when wine aficionados flock to Italy for the sole purpose of taking part of this miracle, vising wineries, walking through vineyards, taking part in the harvest and of course, paring the wines they discover with the amazing food of Italy.

Ahh, but alas, it is expensive to get a plane ticket during these seasons.  But thank God, Megaworld, with their ingenious ways of bringing parts of Italy near us, have organized yet again an exciting event for us foodies and to the wine-lovers out there for us to take part in this limited time of honoring the same wine festivities that happen in Italy.


McKinley Hill’s inaugural Festa del Vino, from September 30 to October 09.

Festa del Vino, a Wine and Food Festival, is the first of its kind in McKinley Hill and will be set in the most romantic mall, Venice Grand Canal. The event will immerse guests in a wine experience reminiscent of one of the world’s top wine producing countries, Italy, through its Italian-inspired activities and attractions.

The event will officially kick off on September 30 with a celebration set to the photogenic view of the Venice Grand Canal.

Festa del Vino will transform Venice Grand Canal into a Gourmet Wine Market, a fair that will offer wine tasting sessions, sampling of delizioso gourmet wine and food pairings, plus live performances from classical artists.

The best part of this festivity is the wine and food pairing.

Avail of special wine promos on participating restaurants with featured dishes on their menu paired with a special wine for that spot on dining experience, such as ...

Roast Pork Pizza paired with Barefoot Merlot's Dark Berries from Sauceria

More reasons to love Sauceria with their meat kebabs.

Piatto di Formaggi and Ripasso della Valpolicella from Trattoria Poggio Antico

Parmesan Chicken Cutlet with Renmano Chairman's Cabernet Sauvignon at
Comfort Tuesdays

Bistecca ala Toni & Sergio with Montepulciano D' Abruzzo from Toni & Sergio

Pasta of your choice with Chianti at Gran Caffe Lavena

Highlighting the event are the participating authentic Italian-owned restaurants, like Gran Caffe Lavena and Toni and Sergio that will serve special wine pairings for the duration of the Festival along with Sauceria and Trattoria Pogio Anttico at Tuscany and Comfort Tuesdays at Venice Grand Canal.

Sponsors Emperador and Carlo Rossi will also delight wine lovers with a grand showcase featuring up to 27 variants of wine including labels by Gallo Family Vineyards, Barefoot Wine, Red Rock Winery, Canyon Road, The Naked Grape, Turning Leaf, and Starborough.

Guest will also witness life sized wine bottles that will be painted on the spot by some of the country’s most prolific and respected artists such as Annaliza Laxamana, Aner Sebastian, Convocar, Edgar Cornito, Eman Santos, Erwin Mallari, Jet Bernal, Perry Henson, Renato Andres, Robert Deniega, Rommel Toledo, Salvador Ching, and Xander Calceta.

Finally, during the festivities, visitors will get to enjoy the dolce vita or “the sweet life”, on relaxing Gondola Rides available through special Wine and Gondola promo bundles every weekend from September 30 to October 09.

Wine lovers and wine connoisseurs are invited to the first wine festival at McKinley Hill. Take part in Festa del Vino only at the Venice Grand Canal! For more information, please contact the Venice Grand Canal Concierge at 624-1971, 0917-5129934 or veniceconcierge@megaworld-lifestyle.com

Below is a video of my first ever gondola ride while being sernated by Marco, a Napoli-born Italian-Filipino gondolier.

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