Monday, July 2, 2012

Health in a Quikie Part 2

O My Yogurt at Manila Ocean's Park

O My Yogurt is a unique, yet delightful way of serving and eating the delicious and nutritious concoctions in 16 flavors, plus over 36 kind of natural and dried toppings.

Now a staple in every health-conscious Filipino’s diet, frozen yogurt has never been as delectable with yogurts.   The cafe inside Manila Ocean Park is self-served with a station for different yogurt flavors.   Next to it is the counter with all those toppings, from fresh to preserved fruits, to candies and chocolates, syrups, cereals and more.   Last at the process is weighing the whole cup.    I think per gram costs 20.00 Php , so a cupful may cost you  P 120 to P 180.

Filipino Dessert Sampler at Max's Restaurant,
 Calamba, Laguna
I have to confess, though I bake and make pastries, I have never tried doing Filipino desserts or "kakanins."   Since I have friends who makes them pretty well I never dared trying.   So when we had a stop-over for coffee at Max's Restaurant on our way to Monte Nevoso, I immediately checked out their dessert offerings for some of their best Filipino sweet-tooth busters.
And oh yes, what a find indeed, all of the Filipino sweet delectables were served and can be ordered in one plate.   In that way I get to eat or taste them all without wasting and spending much.
On the dessert platter, the classic fiesta fave, Buco Pandan.   Well this one I tried making.  I love the green colored mini-tapioca (sago) and the cubed gelatin, both essenced with pandan leaves.   It is not that sweet and milky, making the buko strips still stand out and complimented well with all in the mix.  
And then there's the Leche flan.   A staple dessert at Spanish households and Filipinos.   Know as Caramel custard, or creme brulee, this dessert is always loved though it's goodness depends on its cooking techniques.
On the platter also is a small size of Brownie Ala Mode.   This platter may just qualify for a good Filipino platter except with the brownie.   But just to complete the sampler they've added it.   Max's is well-know for their breads and pastries, with their rendition of Max's Bakeshop.   And one of their best includes this two-layer brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and wafer roll.
Not to forget their Ube Creme Decadence, it is actually an Ube Panna Cotta, one of the more popular Italian desserts that literally means "cooked cream." It is light, smooth, creamy egg-less custard with a secret filling, ube halaya (purple yam) served cold then beautifully topped with ube cake crumbs. 

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