Sunday, July 29, 2012

Finding the Joy in Cooking Through the Movie, Julie and Julia

I have a crazy confession, I have had this video called Julie and Julia kept for decades, this morning, a very rainy one at that, it came out in the open for some reasons, and now I am definitely in love with Julia Child's book Mastering the Art of French Cooking. 
I'm not a fan of French food, and I've never tried cooking any.  One good restaurant I could refer is though is Le Bistro De Agathe.
Since it has been raining cats and dogs all morning, my two daughters and I just couched in the sofas and I got lazy going to the market.  After watching the movie for a second time on a row, we were stuck with a can of corned beef.  While the protagonists savor on boeuf bourguignon and pate de canard en croute, we have this for lunch.
Eggs on Corned Beef with tarragon and minced pan roasted garlic
Say what?  Boeuf Bourguignon?   Beef Burgundy to non-French lingo.  It is a stew prepared with beef braised in red wine, traditionally red Burgundy, and beef broth, generally flavored with garlic, onions and a bouquet garni, with pearl onions and mushrooms added towards the end of cooking.
Pate de canard en croute, on the other hand is deboned duck  stuffed with meat and baked in pastry.  The pièce de résistance in the movie.
Now I want to learn to cook French, I'm just wondering how much the Julia Child's book Mastering the Art of French Cooking cost, or should I just buy Julie Powell's Julie and Julia?
Another thing I realized is finding  out  that no one can be a certified food blogger unless he or she  watches this movie.

Isn't it a comfort that many like Julia, Julie, Joy (that's me) and many others found joy in cooking, sharing the experience to others and of course having your tongue and tummy benefit from it.


  1. I love Julie and Julia, the movie. Hey, keep us updated when you found that book. :)

  2. WHAT?! This masterpiece came from a can? Ikaw na talaga Chef Joy! Ikaw na talaga! I'll make a movie- Julie & Julia & Joy... Like? Hehehe...

    1. ahaha! Actually it's a can of corned beef and two battered eggs, just topped it with browned garlic bits and tarragon leaves cut from our mini herb garden. Forgot to mention in the blog though.
      Jut didn't thought my life story would pass for a movie script...unless you will produce it!


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