Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tried Pineapple Pie at Laguna? How about Monte Nevoso?

    Ever tired of Buko Pie, or had some thoughts of what else Laguna could offer aside from Hot Spring Pools and known delicatessen?  

    Here's one, people are now raving about when Los Banos is visited,  ORIENT, The Original Buko Pie Bakeshop.   They not only have the famed Buko Pie, but these lovely slices of Pineapple Pie.   They also have the Tropical Pie, which is a mix of Buko meats and chunks of pineapples.   Don't get me wrong I love Buko Pie, but when I heard a friend who was so exuberant with her Dad's craving for Pineapple Pie at the Orient, I went gaga over it.  You might be thinking of the local "panaderia" version of Pineapple pie with the pineapple-flavored jelly filling.   Oh no!  Our country being a tropical one, has lots of pineapple crops, not only in Laguna but also in neighboring provinces like Quezon and Batangas, so it is therefore a wise take on pies.  Knowing Laguna to be rich in coconuts, pagans are crouching their ways there to have at least a box of it.   

    I love pineapples as much as I love coconuts so when my friend left the resort just so she can buy early avoiding the long lines outside the store, I had to ask her to buy one for me and my kids left at home.   Then came the hot boxed pineapple pie.   The smell of it is amazing, the same crust used with buko pies but with a tempter aroma of the pineapple filling.   Have you ever tried cooking with pineapples or have smelled it from the kitchen being cooked?  The aroma is amazing! 

   So why don't we try Orient this time and tell me how their pies stand out from the rest.  And also if you do have other recommendations feel free to comment way below this post.
   "The Original," I know!  When you go to look for a "Pasalubong" Store along Los Banos and Pansol, every stores claim theirs is the original, funny huh!   But honestly when buying Buko Pie we only go to Collete's (my son when he was 8, read it as ko-le-tes), specially when we're along the way and my kids would crave for "Uraro."   Uraro or araro is a 
delicate powdery cookies made from arrowroot flour. They are usually shaped into small 
flat flowers and wrapped in tissue paper popularly called papel de Hapon.

   So after a spirit-reviving long weekend at Monte Nevoso, faced with a long stretch of traffic as we head back to Manila, we are ready to face more challenges and difficulties in life.   But leaving behind all the cursed and painful past, whispered in the strong gush of the wind here at the Los Banos highlands.
   The Crocodile Lake, an entry way to the vast Laguna Lake.
   Soul searching? Or just want to unwind while stretching some muscles?  This is the perfect trek for those who are tired of the polluted streets of Manila.

   The long path leads to a panoramic view of part of Laguna land and the Laguna Lake  with the Crocodile lake.    Be sure to ask the landlords  for a guided tour all the way  to the edge, which we call "the Ruins."  And never to forget to bring any cameras so you won't miss a glimpse of the beauty which will surround you.

   So before you think of getting those Buko or Pineapple pies, you might want to consider getting a hike at Monte Nevoso.   Contact details below, and while you're at it , add them also at Facebook.

Monte Nevoso
Makiling Heights, Los Banos Laguna
Call: cp no. 09175936874 / 09064300514


  1. I am not a big fan of pineapple, but that pie looks like it could be an exemption :)

  2. Ooooh i havent tried laguna's pineapple pie! is it as readily available as buko pies?

  3. Yes, i do recommend Collete's. The true original one. I know because I'm from Laguna. But this post really surprised me. Never heard about Crocodile Lake. Very interesting. And oh, I'm glad you were able to taste pour pineapple pie. Laguna's pineapple pie recipe is one of our best kept secret... hehehehe....

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