Monday, July 2, 2012

Carlo's Pizza Baguio

It's quite cold today, we can really tell that it is already a rainy season.    I have so many things to do and blog about but, you know, a weather like this can be dragging and  lazy.   Then I started sorting out my blogs and saw that I still tons of blogs that I haven't posted and have been waiting in my draft bin.   Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Just last Tuesday me and Bhogs were at Tagaytay with friends from Morocco.  Merna and her French chef  boyfriend came Sunday night.   I was so happy she texted me and had me know they were here in Manila and would love to spend some time with us,  and also for me to meet an award-winning chef, who she is so proud of and someone who actually gives her happiness.   
So we were talking about my left out posts, one is from our Baguio trip and one dinner from Carlo's Pizza inside the           .   Yeah, the weather kind of reminded me of my parents' visit here last year and and we all miss them terribly.    I don't know our,   Didier made me remind of our dinner at Carlos Pizza, which is also his restaurant choice when we were at Tagaytay.     That is one of the places where you can get the best view of the Taal Volcano.   Too bad when we reached the area, we could hardly see a view, since it was cloudy.   So we waited and had lunch instead at Carlo's Pizza.

But this is not about that lunch, this is a post of the recollected memories we had dining with my parents at Baguio.   You could surely tell our family prefers Italian cuisine.   And often times did I mention my kids loving pizzas and pastas.
Above is Pasta Primavera.   Sorry for the bad lighting though, it may not look that appetizing, but it was.    The pasta which is al dente, not swimming in sauce, is rich in Spring vegetables.   Primavera by the way means spring in Italian.
The milky consistency of the mushroom soup is a delight four our girls.   The right start to a sooo cold dinner.
See how good that looks.   Pizza as it should be.   A crust, not so hard, or crusty, or thin or thick, smothered with Italian  mozzarella cheese, used also to stick all those goody toppings, such as black olives, large white onions (the mild and sweet ones),  green bell pepper slices, mushrooms, loads of bacon bits, pork, and hams.
With that we each enjoyed a plate of fried chicken with salad rich and gravy.   The chicken here is a nice change form the usual fried chicken considered as "sarap to the bones" and the "crispy-liscious" ones.   But must I say they are as good as those mentioned.
Some other treats that are worth ordering are choices from Pizza Classica like Capriccioso and their Quattro Formaggi.

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