Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A New Trend to FOLLOW on TV

 There is a new trend that will be hitting the cables that will sure make everyone follow.   Solar Entertainment’s Second  Avenue channel will have a new show which will be called FOLLOW.  So seemingly that we have easily accustomed to this word, we follow someone on Facebook, on tweeter, on Google+, on Instagram and many other social networking facilities.   Though we don’t utterly mean to follow someone or a show on TV, we actually do.   Now we can boldly say that we can FOLLOW on TV.
FOLLOW is a TV show that brings forth the latest in all aspects of our society.  In order to get your hands on the latest information, and to stay abreast of the latest news, trends and occurrences around the Metro, all you have to do is to subscribe, like or FOLLOW, and involving television as another media is one great idea. 

During the media launch at the Twin Oaks showroom in Mandaluyong, I was able to check out first-hand what it offers to the society who are ever hungry for what’s fad and fab.  Created by Philip K. Abadicio and produced by the media company who also spearheads, StyleRPA. (RPA stands for “Real, Personal & All-that Style,” by the way), it chronicles the people who influence our lifestyle choices—fashion, food, arts, music, design, gadgets, etc—and thus, the people we FOLLOW.  
Guests of the initial episodes include interior designer Nix Alanon, international web designer Christian San Jose, Balik Bukid’s Hindy Weber-Tantoco, gay rights advocate Divine Lee, food market proponent RJ Ledesma and home accessories designer Daphne Oseña-Paez.
A fellow “mom-prenuer”, the beautiful and classy Mandy dela Rama-Santos is to host FOLLOW.    As a style sophisticate,  owner of Tarte Tatin children’s attire,  Mandy is the perfect person to guide the show. Her imposing persona, charismatic attitude and glamorous demeanor plus her wide network make for a magnetic host that’s guaranteed to grab your attention—in a way that is elegant, friendly and believable.
Follow  will start airing on July 30, 2012 at  6 pm.   Regualr weekday shows every Mondays to Fridays at these times, 6 pm, 8 pm, 8 am and 2 pm.

Follow the launching  was supported by the Greenfield District, Twin Oaks, Bistro Filipino, Cetaphil, Restylane (Galderma), Fila, Xtreme Magic Sing/The Astra Group, Flawless, Future Trade International, Rustan's, Zen Institute, RoyalBrands, AOC (Art of Color), Neo Laptop, Melawares, Sodastream, Urban Kitchen, Perfect Dining, Soyami Chips and Quest Hotel Cebu. Media partners are BusinessMirror and BusinessWorld.
And how can I not add to  this feature the lunch that was prepared by Bistro Filipino.

Grilled Chicken on Mashed Sweet Potato

 # # # # #
StyleRPA is a new media company comprised of, StyleRPA TV and FOLLOW. delivers lifestyle news to equip readers with essential information about arts, culture, motoring, gadgets, fashion, beauty, wellbeing, food, entertaining, travel, events, design, advocacies and people. is daily, online and the Philippine lifestyle radar. It uploads lifestyle news daily and keeps its readers in the loop and in the know. Visit for more information.


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