Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A SLICE of Life with Dear Friends

One gauge of a healthy friendship is the ability to share gut-wrenching laughter. Jokes between best friends come effortlessly---and even in situations that appear dire, close friends are able to find a touch of levity that diffuses stress and leaves both of them feeling better. 
As what Cindy  Jacobs would quote, 
"But when times are rough and a smile would be a bit senseless and  a different approach is needed, there's a hug.  Like what is said in a Facebook post: "Comfort often comes through the hug of a dear friend. So glad God uses them as an extension of His everlasting arms!"
So there's laughter, there's hug, yes cups and cups of coffee too, but what could be a better way than enjoying it with good food.
Julie and Bhaggs, have been our friend through the past seasons of our family life.  Julie had been my best friend since high school and with the magical help of social networking also known as Facebook, we got reunited after many years.  Now that we both have our families, sharing common mom-experiences, we have managed to stand by at each other through tough times and good times.  Her husband, Bhaggs will be again leaving soon to work on the ship abroad.
So to celebrate our friendship with them, right before he takes off  for work on some countries, we all went to Slice Restaurant at Bonifacio High Street Central.
To simply describe Slice, all you have to think is a grandiose breakfast, a slice of a healthy life and a sweet life.   All you may want for a breakfast they have collated on their menu, which you can actually have on any time of the day.
According to Anton Diaz' blog, it is owned by Senator Pia Cayetano.  Since the opening, foodies and bloggers have been raving about their Double Chocolate Yema Cake.  So I have to order it, or I won't be able to sleep on that day.   As what I have expected and dreamed of, it was a fantastic mix of sweets from the chocolate cake and every Filipino kids' fave, yema.  I loved the caramel burst and the milky note of the yema frosting and blended with the mild sweetened chocolate buttermilk frosting, ahhh, a slice of heaven indulged  here on earth.
For starters Bhogs (my Bhogs), and Julie tried their Taho  Smoothie, which was recommended by one of their staff.  It has something fruity in it though but I wasn't able to taste it, intrigued though they finished it.
For a challenge we had Bhaggs try their Moringa Juice.  Pardon me, kindly ask the staff about their drink mixes I kinda forgot to take down notes as the four of us exchanged stories about our Boracay family experiences. 
A version of their Banana Split.  A plate served with two of their most famous cupcakes, Red Velvet and ChocoYema, a dullop of vanilla ice cream and slices of caramelized bananas on the other side, all topped with cookie crumbs, mini-chocolate chips and pearl candies.  Indeed a lovely smorgasbord of a dessert.   Let me just say how awesome the red velvet here.  Having tried a couple from different bakers, I can tell that this one proved to be one of my favorite now and have it the with ice cream is just a winner!
Brown Arroz Caldo was smackingly delightful.  A definite comfort food but very heavy on the stomach with all the chicken breast you can have in a bowl of brown rice made more flavorful with ginger and turmeric.  Topped gloriously with minced and toasted garlic, onion leaves and boiled egg.
Aside from heavenly desserts they too have  treats for the not-so-sweet-toothed.  One good selection would be their Paninis.  We had the Tuna Melt, a sandwich toasted together with all the healthy fillings of tuna flakes, lettuce, tomatoes and melted cheese is a perfect breakfast on a hot afternoon. 
So there, what else could have asked for on a healthy and lovely friendship!


Address: G/F Bonifacio High Street Central, 
West Superblock, 7th Ave cor 29th St Fort Bonifacio, Taguig 
Contact numbers:  (02) 565-1998


  1. tried their belgian dark chocolate champorado, so yummy!! i'll try the yema cake, cupcakes and rice meals + arrozcaldo next

  2. Thanks Joy! We are blessed to have friends like you who have shared their times and life stories. i love everything in SLICE :)


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