Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Turkey Bologna Pesto Sandwich Roll

This  is the second to what supposed to be a five-day Kid's Baon Challenge that  I had set my self to do for Lady's Choice products.
After reading the FNRI (Food and Nutrition Research Institute)-DOST report about how kids should be eating at their most formative years in school, which has the title: Baon for Kids, I didn't think twice why I have to be creative in how I make my kids' snack boxes or even their afternoon snacks.
However, with the ever-growing and never ending household chores, blogging assignments and work that come with my business and part-time job, making it should be a breeze.
So, here is what I have thought of doing for Tuesday (that was yesterday) but had done just this morning.   As I promised, preparing it is easy and speedy.
 What you need:
3 to 4 TBSP of Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise
1 TBSP of  any ready-made pesto sauce (the chunky one)
 3 Turkey Bologna From MAC's Deli
3 pcs. rolled and flattened American bread or tasty bread
1 long piece of fresh lemon grass or tanglad ( or spring onion)

To Do:
!.  With a wooden rolling pin, flatten your bread.
2. Mix  the Lady's Choice Mayo with the pesto.
3. Spread the Mayo-pesto mixture to the bread, top with the bologna and carefully roll.
4.  Tie it with the lemon grass and cut off excess leaf form it.

As suggested, on your kids' snack box, put cut pieces on one side and fill the rest with quartered Kiat-Kiat (Taiwan mni orange) and dried cranberries.
You can also serve this to your guests if they'll be coming, just whip up a few more mayo-pesto and store in the fridge.  You can also use other hams and deli products.   One that I would recommend is from Mac's Deli and Vigan  Empanada and US Deli Products.
To Order, contact Adele Cordova at  09178423972 or email her at adelecordova@yahoo.com.

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  1. The rolls look so delicious and I was surprised at how easy it is to prepare. I think I will prepare this for hubby when he comes home from work. :)

    Coffee With Kim

  2. ay, grabe namang presentation yan, parang kumain sa five star hotel. I wish I could be as galing like you when it comes to food prep and cokking.

  3. The rolls look fantastic and I bet you have a proud kid showing off his baon at school :-)

  4. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy that sandwich looks very healthy and delish too :-) Dropping by from last weeks Food Trip Friday.


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