Saturday, July 21, 2012

Wendy's Son of Baconator

Some things are meant to go together like spoon and fork,  milk and cookies,  father and son,  and of course cheese burger and bacon.  
Talking what goes  with what, I remember my father and his ultimate favor for all things made of bacon.  Then there's my brother and and his terrible appetite on  all types of burger.   They always argue abut life, practically and things that should go together to achieve some worth.  These two men in our family have ideals that are worlds apart but when comes to faith and service to the Lord they are in unison.   Food, particularly hamburgers, also knit them more closely.  My brother could not  be as much like my father but I know something both of them would agree on,  the Son of Baconator being  made to it’s father's image and likeness, the Baconator.
The Son of Baconator—the youngest among Wendy's mouthwatering hamburger line—is fast becoming the "it" burger in town today.   Perfectly made for a  small appetite  person,  but bursting with a big taste from a  premium burger.
Who’s ‘Yo  Daddy?
With all these in mind, here’s a little trivia for you.   Touted  as  Wendy’s best burger during  its  launch last 2008, the Baconator has  two quarter pound beef patties, each topped with a slice of cheese.   Before being slathered with ketchup and mayo, this appetite booster  will tantalize you  with six  slices of bacon.    Then all sandwiched with  sliced freshly baked sesame- seeded bun.
Have a Taste of the  Son
A chip off the old block should I say,  introducing the new Wendy’s Son of Baconator!
A mouthful, like his father but specially  made for the lesser meat eater but still looks for the same Baconator taste.  It has two 45 grams of 100% pure beef patty, 2 slices of American Cheese and 4 strips of tasty, freshly cooked, delicious Bacon with Mayo and ketchup on all toasted Kaiser buns.
Just like its  father,  the  Baconator , The Son have that  flavour  that is  out of this world.   The classic all-American comfort food,  packed with beefy goodness  where the cheese slices blanket  the patties then slammed  with the rich pork flavour,  that has to be  pronounced,  which is  almost sweet.   In these burger  sandwich,  the bacon tasted almost maple-y and bordered on slightly too sweet and too salty, but the whole combination was heady and gluttonous in the best possible way.    The bacon that’s meant to be savoured,  which happened to be generously  slid in layers of  Wendy’s original beef patties and cheeses.
The Son of Baconator has all the delicious elements of the mouth-watering  Baconator has,  a definite  look alike,featuring  the all-American staples, burger sandwich and bacon. 
The Son of Baconator  will only be available  on  June 4, 2012 until August 5, 2012.
A Celebration of Father’s Day at Wendy’s
Last June 17, 2012 , Wendy’s   introduced  the  Son of Baconator   for the month-long Father’s Day  celebration.   Photobooths were assembled for  Free Photo Shoots  between  fathers and sons in selected branches  in the metro  such as Wendy's Festival Mall,  Wendy's Glorietta,  Wendy's Robinson Ermita, Wendy's Megamall,  Wendy's MOA and  Wendy's SM Annex.   
Coinciding with these free  photo booths is  a contest  showcasing   the Best  Father and  Son Look-Alike  which were  held  last  June 17, 23, 24 and 30.    It  was a fun-filled  opportunity  to  show –off   candid poses  from the customers  who purchased the Son of Baconator  Burger  at the said branches  which is only P 150 or with a  full meal combo with drinks and fries  for  P190.00.

And there's more to Wendy's, just some of the reasons why my father, his son and me love it...
 Taco Salad
 Garden Salad
 Caesar Salad
Better Tasting Spaghetti
 New on their menu, Chocolate Chip and Chocolate chip Oatmeal Cookies, Blueberry Muffins.
 Chocolate Chip Muffins and Double Chocolate Chip Muffins
 Flavorful Brew, the leading Italian roasted coffee, for only P50 per cup.
 And the newest addition to their dessert menu, the twisted Frosties, in everybodies' favorite chocolates, Kitkat and Oreo.

So, can't wait to run for these?  I'm sure there's one branch nearest you, so what are you waiting for?


  1. Wow! I miss wendys. Hope they put up more branches

  2. Man, I just love the Baconator! Can't have enough of it!

  3. Ay. Parang wala nang Wendy's dito sa Cebu

    Big Mac and McFlurry

  4. It was a good move to have a son of baconator for those who can't have an appetite that can gobble up a baconator. I also like that they added Lavazza coffee for P50 since this is my favorite coffee.

  5. Wendy's is best for it's salad before. And the burgers, specially the bacon cheeseburger is of high quality. I wonder Wendy's branches are getting fewer and fewer. I prefer Wendy's over McDo.

  6. I've tried the son of baconator is I loved it. But the new line of frosty I haven't tried them. Will check out soon!

  7. wow, have not stepped into a Wendy's lately... so many new food stuff to try.. the muffins seem delicious...

  8. those salad looks incredible!! i always have them also here in singapore wendys! they're awesome! xx

  9. i love wendy's frosty!!!can't wait to try their new flavors!! :)

  10. I like Wendy's but so expensive naman! That Baconator looks really yummy, will try that soon as well as the new frosties..I love their frosty!!

  11. I really dig Wendy's Frosty and their Baconator though I haven't tried Son of Baconator yet. ^_^

  12. I love Wendy's baconator...It is good as an appetizer

  13. I wish I got the chance to taste the above posted foods. Pretty cool!

  14. I find the son of a baconator too small, would munch on the big and mean baconator anyday


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