Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Savvy Dinner with a Magnifique View of the Manila Bay at Pan Pacific Manila

     Another excruciating workday was almost ending.   A midst the traffic, the blazing afternoon heat of the metro and tons of errands to do, it is always sprightly to experience a top-notch view of the sun setting on Manila bay with a starring array of  sizable cocktails, yes unbeatable isn't it?    A match made by nonetheless than Pan Pacific Manila.

    Doesn't this area take your breath away.   Outside a formal and classy lounge at the Pan Pacific Manila is a mini-paradise where an intimate group of friends and colleagues meet for a grill party which they've called as Sunset Barbecue.   However, the Garden and Gazebo only welcomes guest for the Sunset Barbecue on Fridays only, If you are interested as I am, email or call 318 0788 and ask for the Butler, of course! Open at 6 pm up to 9 pm only.
     A buffet offering at the Pacific Lounge is just pure pleasure.   To-die-for Hors D'oeuvres enticed me right away.   The fresh take on daily  greens and tomato reds lured me right away.
     I've been invited so many times in their events which served to highlight the hotel's culinary fare and as always they perk me up and not in a single event have they failed my frail palate.
      I may not be a cheese connoisseur but I can rightly appreciate any kind, hahaha, even the one that is the smelliest in the row, blue cheese (or Gorgonzola).   Lovely line up of imported cheese and dried berries and fruits fit for a royalty, is also present at the fashionable set up of the  round table aka buffet table.

     Crackling chips and nachos are also on the buffet with different dips to go with it.   Or concoct your own salsa from the buffet.

     Oohh! Darn that black pitted olives, now I'm craving for some, and my fridge is out of it.
     How can I even be luckier, Quesadillas are also included for the day's Pacific 360, it is how they call their Pacific Lounge dining promotion.

     Whatever it is that you may prefer, like bits of Western, Mexican, and Japanese, they have it here.
     On a side note, these grilled chicken served with French Fries and grilled corn can really fill your tummy

     Crunchy colorful fruit slices to take it slower and cleanse the palate.
       Then comes dessert....
       Lookey, spoons of truffles and pralines.   The idea of setting the dessert round up in this way is a terrific idea.     The trouble is whether to put back the spoon empty or pile them all on my plate.   How do you think I did it?
      Get indulged with the proper gustatory, whether you are one of the hotel's guest or just want to savor something like what we had, with friends or relatives.   Pacific 360 is at the Pacific Lounge, by it's namesake, the 21st floor is a circumferent venue for this fabulous food finds and more.   The experience is available everyday 6 PM to 8 PM, for only Php 600.00 nett, with a choice of bottomless drink, topping it off with a glass of fine wine.
     My appreciation to Miss Pauline Areglado, Pan Pacific's Marketing and Communications Coordinator, for  keeping us company all throughout the lovely dining adventure from  the  only five-star Butler hotel in Manila.   

Pan Pacific Manila Hotel
Address:   M. Adriatico corner Gen. Malvar Streets, Malate , Manila City 1004 Philippines
Contact Details:

Toll Free Reservation:

Within Philippines: 1800 8908 6362 / 1800 1441 0621

International: Call Us
+63 2 318 0788

+63 2 302 9501


  1. i have tried already here and i love it. though not the best hotel buffet in town but still, i loved the experience. i bet you did too!

  2. very lovely place, the food looks delicious :)

  3. i think i just like to stand in front of the truffles and pralines and empty those spoons direct to my mouth hahahha... ang saya... fantastic buffet...and the cheeses... hmmm...

  4. all the foods looks so wonderful!! nice view too! xx

  5. Oh buffet! I always love buffet in hotels :) Must try this one.

  6. yes, yummy food to choose from plus the place is awesaome.

  7. Wow, this looks like a great place! I remember Top of the Apo, the buffet restaurant of The Apo View Hotel here in Davao. It was on top of the hotel, so the view was exquisite as you dine. I think it's no longer used as an open restaurant these days, but a place for special events. :)

  8. Hmmm...the food that they offer seems like the regular food that are offered in many hotels. Maybe I should try this to really know if it is better than the buffet in other hotels. :-)

  9. Oooohhh love the spoon thingies ... would have eaten a lot. Haha

  10. Everything looks so delicious especially the fresh black olives and the rolls. That made me drool. :)

  11. I would definitely dine at Pacific 360 soon! I mean, we've only indulged in one hotel, and that was in Midas for their buffets (we availed of the discounted rate from Metrodeal). I'm sure, I will love the variety of food that Pan Pacific also offers.. this is truly something else! :)

  12. I hope they would have vouchers for these. :D

  13. I love Pan pacific Hotel and the food they offer. I frequently dine at that hotel since my grandfather is one of the head of the temple just infront of it. <3

    They also have Gloria jeans at the hotel lobby which makes it easier for me to grab a coffee after a meal. :)


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