Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Maki Place: Another Binondo Treat

When my mother-in-law had  her post  birthday celebration  last January, they have invited us to Binondo for another take on the seasoned  Chinese cuisine place in Manila.  Her actual birthday were filled with foodivities- bloggers' jargon for activities involving  food.  We went to Ryuma Japanese restaurant, then traversed Nuvali and fed the Kois and rode the boat circling the whole area, which was surrounded by  a man-made lake.   Then, drove uphill to the town of Silang to look for a coffee shop and have more munching and coffeenating at Loumar's. 
Also, they just got from a short four-day trip to HonKong.  With that it brought them longing for more of the grubs they had there at the Asia's shopping Mecca.  I do believe that Cantonese and Sichuan dishes are irresistible.  
I have a few visit to some of the restaurants here, I think to date this is my third.   Let me see,  there's Wan Chai  Tea House and  Wai Ying Fastfood.  Now it's Shin Din Kha  Maki Place'  time.
The place is small, not that inviting to gourmands and "sossy" eaters.  But my father-in-law told us that eateris like this resemble those in HongKong.  Can house only about 30 diners in snug sitting.   But mind you, they cook and serve the food pretty fast.
Their best-seller, Makimi

So we stared off with a hot bowl of soup with Makimi, a thickened soup base, with house-made flour noodles with pork tender and savory pork cutlets.   Ma in Fukien means pork, while Ki is sticky soup.  Thus,  the name of the place.  Indeed, everyone on every table has a bowl of it.  

To quench our thirst and submerge the hot soup, some of us had Pandan Gulaman and Sao Gulaman in an instant , bottled.
Hey yeah! Rice republic.  dinner would not be as saisfying without a heavy dose of these Shanghai rice.  Fried rice overwhelmed with scrambled eggs, ground pork and colorful vegetables.
Now our poultry dish that perfectly went with our rice,  Spicy Chicken Feet.  The  soft meat of the chicken feet was so "nakakabitin" as much as you would want to eat more, you'd start getting your fingers and lips sticky.
The catch of the day!  Lobster Rolls, sliced open for our consumption.  The cutlets are crusted with a toasty pastry and the filling comprised with glorious lobster meat, and some heaps of green onions, scallops and flour.   A rather good choice when coming here.
Pancit Miki, another hit with the kids, with ample sauce and chunky noodles.
And ah, my favorite among all the dishes ordered.   Oyster Omelet.   Didn't  ever think there is more to steamed or baked oysters.  The juicy slightly crunchy oysters laid heavily on a bed of scrambled eggs.   The sprinkled onion leek slices gave it more attractions,  that from a far, the plated dish would look like a whole pizza with a different scent.
Stir-fried Fish Fillet.  Just a so-so dish to me.   If you feel like having fish you can go ahead and order this.
Fist-sized siomai.  Try saying "siomai" in a resounding low voice aloud.   That sounds huge, right?  For indeed, that's how big these siomais are.   I couldn't even finish one, and serving has four.
Sweet Sticky Rice, I guess for dessert.  We had a few pictorials with the teens and kids after along Benavides street and Yuchengco, while looking for something sweet for dessert and lavishing on the after-math of that super sumptuous dinner.
Well, for dessert we went instead at Jollibee,  Luneta for Sundaes.   And had a wonderful walk in the Luneta park and an astounding water-fountain show with it.

And ended the night with coffees at Starbucks and kids sharing with a slice of chocolate cake.
And finally, Danielle's first Starbucks Frappuccino.
 The Binondo Walk Pictorial with models,  Chu Perez and  Stef (Ahemmm)


  1. Wow I want to visit Binondo again so that I can try this place! Those Lobster Rolls are calling my name! Thanks for sharing this Joy!

  2. oh my... i wanna try that pancit miki + siomai! :)

  3. for years, we've been planning to bring the kids to Luneta but so far no trip to that place has transpired. Sana this year we can do that. I love your pics :)

  4. It's a nice place actually. Good food and good ambiance.

  5. Now that's an awesome food trip, the Lobster and Oyster dishes look delicious! Thanks too for visiting my blog!

  6. everything looks so delicious! saya ng bonding nyo :)

  7. haven't tried Binondo food trip. All the food look delish. I would love to try the oyster omelet too. We'll try to visit the place one weekend. Saya ng bonding time!


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