Sunday, March 25, 2012

Train up Your Kids to be Good Chefs This Summer

Ever wondering how you can get your hands off from the kitchen and have your kids this time play role role as  a baker?   Moderne Culinaire Academy sets the stage up for your little ones to your teenagers.  
They will be handled by the three dynamic directors of the said culinary school and will be treated like they're pros with much care and caution of course.
Summer can be fun for them,  even while they are not under the sun  but  learning,  and what best way to lead them is giving them the opportunity  to  be food-lovers with more respect to the  science and arts of  baking and cooking.   So do away with  sun-burns and  prickly heat  and have them capped and donned white  as a cavalier or  a princess off  to  baker's  wonderland.

Log on to to get more  info or 
call them at     02 6229656
                      02 8438071
                      0917 7002665


  1. Thank you! This is very timely, hope I could get my daughter to sign up.

    1. Hi Jess, give your daughter an exciting activity this summer! Have her sign up on our kids workshops. Please log on to our website or contact us at 09177002665

  2. Hi Joy, in behalf of Moderne Culinaire Academy we thank you for featuring our workshops on your blog :)

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