Sunday, March 25, 2012

Joey Pepperoni on a Jinxed Day

On  a  night full of surprises,  a dinner can be just the thing to ease a  surprise that's not meant to be.   Do you happen to have experienced  being jinxed at  or meeting a jinx.    According to  A person or thing that is believed to bring bad luck or  a  condition or period of bad luck that appears to have been caused by a specific person or thing, is a jinx.
In a Christian mind set, this doesn't really exist or shouldn't exist.  Things happen for a reason, so I believe.   But I couldn't think of any why we have to stay  outside  a condo after having our  nephew's  motorbike ran out of gas as we were about to go home for dinner.    Coming from an event would be always mean having your  tummy filled,  but this time  I decided not to eat a lot.

I guess one question  merely sunk into my mind, why oh why, did he forget to refill gas, and why on that dark forsaken place.  

After some thoughts,  Bhogs  and I decided to wait for help, his parents.  So after hailing  a cab to bring us to a gasoline station, we stopped at McKinley Ave.  and went to Joey Pepperoni Pizzerria.

This is our first try to the said ristorante or pizzeria.  Well, we love Italian cuisine, and that's an excuse.   Yes, this blog has many firsts,  though I'm not embarrassed without bragging.
Just want to share this not so unusual dinner which was the night before my birthday,  which I had a pair of gold earrings from him.
We tried two pizzas, which is a promo they have,  the Two of a Kind, only P199 for two pizza selection.  And here are what I chose.
 The Beef and Bacon Cheese Melt, was the first to arrive.  Surprisingly, it was delightful.  For an 8-inch pizza this is heavy, and I did leave one slice to take home.  The sauce was right to my taste,  stuck to the bread without being soggy.   The melted cheddar cheese gave it the right saltiness.  Though I could somehow taste bacon, there weren't that many slices on it.  Aside from the slightly spiced ground beef, mushrooms were also present.   From a rating of 1 to 10, ten being the highest, I'd give this a six only. 
Next is the Garlic Ghamberi.  Ghamberi is Italian for shrimp, so expect it to be a bit bland.  The mozzarella cheese are not spread evenly on the whole pizza, so if my kids were with us, they'd probably leave the sides uneaten.    The crust is tough, and hard to chew and is not that appealing to the palate.   It is simply tasteless.
A poor rating of  4 out of ten could just be given.   How could they make that stand out?  There are those who look for shrimps on pizza or pasta, I guess if they had put vertical half-sliced shrimps and enough cheese on the side it would look more appetizing, like what it had looked like in the menu's picture.
And for Bhogs is the Maiale con Riso.   It is a slab of nicely grilled pork  with a sweet and spicy barbeque sauce.  The tempting, mouth-watering picture above is what I've been describing.   I never had a bite, sadly, but by the look on his plate after I've eaten a number of slices of the two pizzas, I think he liked it or was he just that hungry? 
I didn't bother to ask, he was so busy talking to his mother at the phone, for they got lost looking for us at Bonifacio Global City.   So off we went...ready for the big day ahead, more surprise without the jinx this time,  always trusting the Lord for whatever would come my way...


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