Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mon Anniversaire en Jour de Macaron

March 20,  a  day  my loved ones always  look forward to every year.    Though to me,  I would just want to consider it  just a normal day.  You know I've been kind of  stuck to the era  where my glory days should be,   but I never had those though.     So, though I expect something exciting  and fun on that day,  I decided to care less  and  just let the day pass.   But  not this year!   For I have learned to know my worth.   

Well enough with that, I am still and will always be on my mid-twenties! Funny like har-har...

Do you know that aside from many persons celebrating their special days,  other people all over the world  celebrate the day as  Macaron Day or  Jour de Macaron.   Which originally happened in Paris, of course where Parisian Macarons originated.    Through a collaboration between renowned pastry chef Pierre Hermé and other members of the prestigious Association Relais Desserts, they were able to raise funds to support charities and at the same time  have everyone  try and enjoy  Macarons.   Those  delicate little sandwich cookies are très chic and many people think of them as the next cupcake as far as food trends go.   

We don't need to be in France or in New York to try this out or participate in the said event.   

For Macaron Day Manila 2012, Bizu Patisserie is offering visitors free macarons until supplies last. To receive the (1) piece complimentary macaron, visit any Bizu Patisserie branch and simply mention you are celebrating Macaron Day Manila. Proceeds from the sale of all Macaron de Paris on this day will be given to Virlanie Foundation.

On March 20, Macaron Day, Bizu lovers and macaron enthusiasts will have a chance to select from 11 different flavors that Bizu currently offers plus taste the new savory Macaron collection that Bizu recently launched.

The new savory Macaron collection flavors are Blue cheese –Honey, Thai Peanut and White Truffle; three unique flavors that will surely leave you wanting for more.


  1. when I was a kid, I'm so inti macarons...mabalikan nga ang nakaraan by way of Bizu. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Hi tukayo! Thank you for the greeting! I so Love Bizu's Macarons.


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