Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Are You a New Gen Mom?" asked Johnson and Johnson

I am a mom to four  highly  aggressive and  fun-loving kids.    With all of them going to school,  a business running at home,   a church Sunday-school to manage,  attending events,  blogging and not to mention a  romantic husband, I think I would qualify  to what  J & J  dubbed as  new generation of  mothers.  

Most women nowadays epitomize  the New Generation of Moms today.    In this fast-paced, digital age, they are able to balance their work, personal time and advocacies, while making sure that family is always her top priority.  Efficiently managing   various responsibilities, relying on  support systems  from Lola to Yaya to help care for her family and utilizing technology to keep in constant touch with the stakeholders in her personal and professional life. One who  is always ahead of the game, knowing the latest news and trends and shares these experiences with her friends and family.
"How the heck did she  get those information," you may ask.   
 At the recently concluded  bloggers assembly from Nuffnang,  in behalf of  Johnson and Johnson's invitation,   a talk and open forum were  held  about the topic where mom-bloggers and  panelists were joined to talk about the new trend in caring for the family.   Mariel Laxa-Pangilinan hosted the event.
Inspired by how the Moms of today have evolved, Johnson’s® baby, the country’s leader in baby care for over 50 years, partnered with Advertising Agency BBDO Philippines, to learn more about the New Generation of Moms.
As detailed by BBDO Philippines General Manager Francine Khan-Gonzales, who helmed the study,  “We conducted an extensive study over desk research, home visits, shadow shopping and focus group discussions to know what makes these moms tick. We learned what their typical day was like, their sources of information and their advice for other Moms.” 

The results of the study brought to light that this new generation of Moms can be characterized according to five remarkable traits.
1.       ACTIVE SEEKER – She actively seeks new and improved ways to care for her children. She reads about the latest in nutrition, educational systems and baby products to ensure that her children always receive what’s best. She’s not afraid of challenging the traditional and is first to adopt what’s new if it is more beneficial for her family.
2.       MULTI-ROLE MANAGER – She knows that there’s more to life than being a Mom. That’s why she happily juggles her other roles like wife, entrepreneur, friend, fashionista and adventurer. She maintains her individuality while keeping in mind that her family is top priority.
3.       EFFICIENT SUPPORT SYSTEM – She lives by the saying that “It takes a village to raise a child.” She relies on her support system to help care for her kids from her hands-on hubby, helpful Lolas and efficient Yaya. She does not, however, surrender all her duties and rather relies on such support to allow her to be the kind of Mom she wishes to be.
4.       EMPOWERED BY TECHNOLOGY – She uses technology as both a resource and a tool. She’s constantly on to search for new vegetable recipes or arts and crafts ideas. She shares the same information with her fellow Moms on Facebook or Pinterest. Her IPAD is loaded with videos and games to keep her kids entertained.  
5.       HIGHLY EXPRESSIVE ORIGINATORS – She takes pride in being the “first to know” and the “first to share.” She is quite discerning in her discoveries and choices for herself and her family. And when she has a great, new find, she shares with her fellow Moms, who love hearing about this.
Armed with the deep knowledge and understanding of this New Generation of Moms, Johnson’s® baby likewise continues to evolve to address every mom and baby’s changing need.
As explained by Johnson’s® baby Associate Marketing Director Rezel Aquino, “We stay true to our commitment to partner with every mom to give her baby only the best from Day One to Everyday. That’s why we proudly launch New Generation Care for New Generation Moms, a new line of product innovations that will empower the moms of today to care for their babies in a new gen way.”
Indeed, this is testament to Johnson’s baby’s vision to care for generation after generation of Moms and babies from 100 years back, today and into the future.

 I grew up with Johnson and Johnson's products, so did my my kids, and never did it fail me in securing safe and healthy skin for my whole family, even me.   So even though we are now living in world that is highly fast-paced and unfriendly-environment,  we can still count on J & J to help us take care of our family, from baby to kuya and ate.


Did you know that even when baby is fully clothed or indoors, as much as 70% of the sun’s harmful UV rays can still penetrate and harm your baby’s skin? 
That is why it needs protection specially made for his sensitive skin.   Introducing Johnson’s®  baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion, a first from Johnson’s – this product makes sure baby’s skin stays protected, even when mom thinks they’ve got it all covered.
Johnson’s® baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion contains special ingredients that can block as much as 90% of the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays, offering wide sun protection. Its clinically-proven mild formula is light and non-greasy, making it safe and comfortable for everyday use.
Grab a bottle of Johnson’s® baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion in Mercury Drug, Baby Company, Watsons and selected supermarkets near you. It is available in SPF 15 100ml and SPF 30 50ml with Suggested Retail Price of PHP230.00 and PHP215.00 respectively.

Did you know that newborn skin is 40% thinner than adult skin? This is why it absorbs and loses moisture at a faster rate, making it prone to dryness. It is much more delicate and fragile, and therefore needs special care.
When giving baby a bath, his skin can be stripped off its essential moisture due to harsh ingredients found in some skin cleansers or even with just bathing with water alone. That’s why babies need a cleansing product that is specially designed for their delicate skin.
Knowing these insights on newborn care, Johnson & Johnson developed Johnson’s® baby Top-to-Toe™ Self Foaming Wash, specially designed to gently cleanse your newborn from top to toe.
And because Johnson’s® baby Top-to-Toe™ Self Foaming Wash lathers instantly to a foam, it rinses off baby’s skin easily keeping bath time shorter than usual. The bottle is designed for mom to pump foam with one hand only, and gently bathe baby with the other.

Johnson’s® baby Top-to-Toe™ Self Foaming Wash is the gentlest wash from Johnson’s. It has a CLINICALLY PROVEN MILDNESS® seal and is pH-balanced for baby’s skin. It’s free from known irritants such as soap and alcohol to keep the natural moisture of baby’s skin. Its unique NO MORE TEARS® formula is a guarantee that it will not harm your baby’s eyes, and that it is as mild as pure water.
The new and innovative Johnson’s® baby Top-to-Toe™ Self Foaming Wash can be used in 3 simple steps. First is by rotating the pump clockwise to release the pump, second is by pushing down the nozzle with one hand a few times until foam is released, and third is by closing the pump and rotating it counterclockwise. 
Johnson’s® baby Top-to-Toe™ Self Foaming Wash is available in Mercury Drug, Baby Company, Watsons and selected supermarkets near you.  It is available in a 400mL bottle, with suggested retail price of PHP 407.00. The 350mL Refill will be available in June 2012, and will be priced at PHP 323.40.
Johnson’s® baby Top-to-Toe™ Regular Wash is also available in 200mL and 500mL bottles with suggested retail price of PHP 84.50 and PHP 195.50 respectively.

More of the event...
We celebrated, the launching of the new products, not only with New Gen moms, we were also able to try out the newest line of products which are right now in the market.
 I was able to review on my touch therapy know-how and found out more about Johnson'sbaby oils, in aloe vera and lavander scent.
It is also important to use wet towels or tissues after ever diaper change, as emphasized here, where we were also acquainted with the skin cell properties when there isn't enough moisture on baby's skin,  with a use of a scanner, it tested how much moisture my skin (on my hand) has, after which a damp of Johnson and Johnon's wet wipes smudged around a certain skin spot showed the increase on number of moisture level, which is 99 % or something.   This is also perfect for use on our skin to cleanse and refresh it even our face.
A demo of how Top-to-toe Foaming wash is used and the proper way of bathing the baby.
Also, a try of the new sun protect lotion with SPF 30 and a short and concise explanation of the products.

Oh,  of course there is food, how can I forget that...
The event happened at Enderun,  and just as I came buffet was waiting and I was immediately ushered there, but I had to mingle first with co-bloggers and check who else might be coming.
Three types of Pasta, and Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan joined us...
Make your own Mexican Taco, with all the works!
Prime beef steak
For dessert, Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese topping
Chocolate Mousse


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