Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ramen Love

Let me see, there were, Raku Hokkaido Ramen  HouseRamen Bar,  till  Nomama  then Ramen X  came,  and now,  Menya Genki Tonkatsu Ramen, which is located at Hobbies Asia along Macapagal Highway.  I practically grew up with  Nissins Ramen and went through college with no one to care for us just noodles at our kitchen.   So don't wonder anymore why I wouldn't love these.   Well, I'm totally torn in between two lovers,  the Italian's pasta as against the Orient's ramen noodle soup.   Please don't ever make me decide...
Lori Baltazar of Dessert Comes First just quoted today  at Facebook  that "Ramen is the new bubble milk tea."  Geez, I haven't even posted my collection of Milk tea shops yet,  that I've tried and have grown addicted to. 

So here is another Shio Ramen which we had after having to witness part of China's entry to the 3rd Pyro Musical at MOA.  The ramen was graciously topped with the tender and salt-tasty tonkatsu (pork).  The slightly thickened soup was very comforting and vegetables made it even healthier.   Since it is pork-based, expect it to be cholesterol-laden,  but  a hot bowl of it would not harm, I guess.
So timely that I don't have to look for more information about it.  I received an email with an attachment of a link with some facts of ramen on a certain website.  Here is a picture which they created, how Ramen is consumed and loved around the world.  With it are great and amusing facts about our beloved comfort food.
Created by:  Hack College
Thanks to Mr. Peter Kim for sharing this.   Do click on the picture to get to their website.
Moreover, a plate of Ebi Tempura went with my ramen.  A delightful combo, should I say.  Crunchy to the bite but perfectly cooked soft little shrimps were scrumpy, loved munching it with the salad that went on its plate.   Both the ramen and these ebi (shrimp) would be enough not to miss this quaint Japanese restaurant.
The place is so neat and the staff are very polite, I just wonder why aren't many diners visit them, well, most of them are at the Paluto side of the bay and at the famed buffet restaurants like Yakimix.   It is worth visiting the place and checking out the menu.
 Also, you might want to check out the nearby Korean Grocery store and have these s dessert- Melona Korean ice creams.
 In strawberry  and Chocolate, which has a crazy treat.  Chocolate inside the bar.
The ultimate  frozen strawberry cream on a stick
Sinful chocolate bar covered by a sinful chocolate crusted vanilla ice-cream.


  1. Hubby and I have been trying out Ramen as well, I didn't know it was getting so much hype! Interesting photo you've added as well, I gotta start avoiding McDonald's. lol!

  2. Oh Melona, I miss you! It's been ages since I last had one! o.O

  3. Who can resist delicious and authentic Japanese ramen? And oh, that frozen strawberry cream on a stick is luscious! Visiting back!

  4. If ramen is the new milk tea, then here's to more ramen bars in Manila! :)

  5. mouth-watering! The cute photo makes eating ramen really cool and quirky.


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