Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hello 2017 and to More of Your Good Tidings

So I've heard that my kids' friends have the intention of unfollowing me coz of the food I've been posting.  Please, it really is not in my motives to boast. or to show-off where I was at or what I was doing, This blog primarily had been my life and my only way of collating what have happened in my life through out the years.  I'm getting old and older by the minute and my memory isn't keeping up with me as I age.  It's nice looking back at what I have accomplished (and being able to publish a blog in a day is quite an accomplishment for a busy mom like me).

I mean to inspire not only moms, that cooking is fun, dining out also is a challenge (and sometimes a risk, even to your wallets) and that life offers a gravity full of good things.  We only need to learn to appreciate every moment of it.

Accomplishments are what fuels us to get going on and moving up to the next level, God does not want us to stay in the rut, or waste away our time sulking and doing nothing to make ourselves happy.

So I guess, I don't have to get worried being unfollowed, however, it would mean a lot to me if you could continue reading my posts, and hoping you get a little bit of boosting up.  This blog still aims to bring a little sunshine into your gloomy day and inspire you to accomplish something, perhaps by preparing a healthy meal, or saving up for a local destination tour, or just have fun trying out a newly-opened restaurant.

Oh, and also everyone is welcome to comment below, any questions, critiques or just to say hi and hellos are very much welcome.

If you are a blogger, do comment with your blogs and I'll definitely return the favor with a visit to yours.

This posts signals a give-away and I need to mention also how awesome our first family dine out for 2017, at Providore at SM Aura. Providore is officially our family's favorite comfort food fix place.



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