Thursday, December 29, 2016

Feast in Joy

2nd Vigan tour 2016 

JOY...the word that's bursting full in my heart as this year comes into a close and ushers in another.  And what better way to end it with, a blogpost.

2016 was packed full of blessings, challenges, sorrows and joys.  Though I didn't really become a millionaire but I gained more experiences and friends more than ever.  I can't tell though if I lost some friends along the way, but I sincerely hope I have planted something into their hearts and lives, and yes, my heart is bigger now and can still accommodate more friends.

There are still some things in the past that the Lord allows not to be forgotten (which literally left an ugly scar), though I see it as something that always remind me that we can still make it through every storm, even in the worst and something that makes us even strong, ready to face any more storms.

I know this post is becoming dramatic, but I really don't mean to, this post is all about having pure joy, the encompassing joy that many aspires to have, the elusive power to trample down depression, stress, inactiveness, hopelessness and many other negative feelings.

For many of us foodies, we took pleasure in eating and trying to fix our cravings for good life to find joy, but this joy is but momentary.

Deep within each of us is an insatiable hunger for joy. The problem is, the joy that we seek is infinite, unending. Despite the many false promises of the world, the ephemeral joys it offers can never satisfy us. The moment we taste the pleasures of the world, their satisfaction vanishes and is replaced by an even greater hunger than before.

As true as it is, no feasts, no gourmet food, no hotel buffets, no food trips can ever commit to that need.

What can bring us happiness then?

God alone, infinite as he is, can satisfy the infinite longing of our hearts. God is the happiness that we seek.

And how do we come to know God, the true desire of our hearts? God is revealed in the face of his Son, Jesus Christ. Christ is the fullness of the revelation of who God is. To find eternal happiness, then, we must know and accept Jesus Christ.

It has been 18 years since I have surrendered my life to Jesus.  The road wasn't smooth in that long journey with Him, but all I did was hold steadfast to His promises and He never failed me.

During that course I was also relentlessly looking for joy, together with financial stability, good health and family security.  And yes, all of those were promised and was given in time.

So for 2017, I pray that whoever reads this post, and to all my friends and loved ones I've dedicated this blog to that...

...the unwrapping of Jesus in your life brings joy, as you get to know and appreciate Him more expect that there will be a table of grace where we can all partake into

...we focus on what we are eating (Jesus) and not on our enemy (to focus on what He prepared for us) Psalm 23:5 hunger and thirst more for His words and His revelation of Himself

I pray that whenever you read my blog or see my post in social media, that this reminds you of how the Lord had been graceful to me and makes you realize that He'll also do the same to you and even more.

I pray that as 2017 comes, you find the joy your heart is longing for and continue living the life you are purposed for in abundance.

You are appreciated!

Thank you for visiting my humble blog, I hope I was able to be of some help to you, whether be it with a recipe or a food and restaurant review, places you can bring your barkadas and families to.  Continue to get inspiration from my writings and continue to savor the good life!


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  5. I can't tell though if I lost some friends along the way, but I sincerely hope I have planted something into their hearts and lives, and yes, my heart is bigger now and can still accommodate more friends.

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