Monday, September 19, 2016

The Missing Cheese

You might think of a mystery novel when you saw the title of this blog.

Something like The Case of the Missing Cheese by blank blank.

Where my introduction would seemingly sound like...

The Case of the  Missing Cheese is a full-on novel for kids, running several hundred pages as it weaves a tale of gifted children who band together to solve a mystery and stop a villain from using his own gang of children to rule the world to steal cheeses.  The idea of a school for gifted kids is nothing new, but what makes this novel work so well is that its heroes unite through passion over cheese and will power, not might or magic.

Sounds cool right?

But this isn't about a kid's story book or even a mystery case foretold, but one that delights every cheesecake lover.

Yes!  I got yah!  It's about an upcoming brand that evolved from a baking hobby and pure love for cream cheese.

There, now you probably have an idea already.

This new home-baked cheesecake name might soon grace a spot in certain food parks or food bazaars or might end up in your phone's list to call for dessert options for your party or give-aways.

I'm kidding you not!  The Missing Cheese is actually a name of a bevy of cheesecakes.   The idea is to have a part or a slice with a different flavored cheesecake.  With an idea as unique as that, I'm sure every cheesecake lovers would want to try.  They initially started out with a few basic flavors then eventually built up into more customized flavors.

Above is their Oreo Matcha.  My daughter's top choice.  It's green matcha-infused cheesecake on a crust of crushed Oreos toughened with butter.  I love that the maker, bakes the cheesecakes, though I don't have anything against no-bake cheesecakes, there's just that semi-thick yet creamy texture you get as compared to eating a cold, mushy cheesecake.

Keith, the master baker even makes her own sour cream and uses top quality cream cheese.   So, gave you another mystery there...did you get it?

Aside from the 8-inched cheesecake, Keith can also make it into cups for personal-sized cheesecakes. You can order the Cheesy Cup, different flavors per box, for P 600 only, but you'll probably need to order according to their minimum number.  The best idea right there for your Christmas gift-giving.

We were able to try a box of the 6 flavors and here they are:

Oreo Nutella

Cheesy Nuts

Dulce de Leche Cheese

Cheese Smores

Classic Blueberry

I was able to try the Plain and Cheesy Cup, sorry no photo of it, as I wasn't able to contain myself, and had it devoured in a jiff.  I guess if there's a Cookie Monster, then I'd probably  be the Cheesecake Monster.  "Now there's the story right there," so my kids will say.

My personal favorite was the Cheesy Nut.  The cheesecake itself has micro bits of cashew nuts which will surprise you.  This unique take on cheesecake brings out the foodie adventurer in you.  I love that this isn't so sweet like the restaurant variety, same goes with the other variants.

The Cheese Smores is another special, imagine chocolate and cheesecake meshed altogether in one bite, with the pillowy marshmallow adding a different texture, held on with a perfect thickness of the crust, which by the way, doesn't easily crumble but still tender to the bite.

Another brilliant idea is the Dulce de Leche, the subtle tang of the cheesecake compromises well with the milky and caramely taste of the dulce de leche laced on top.

Ah,  I could go on and on, waxing lyrical about The Missing Cheese's flavors.  But I think it's time for you to solve the mystery...

#MatchaCheese  *Best Seller  P 870 
#MatchaOreo *Best Seller  P 950
#OreoNutella  *New flavor customized for a friend P 980
#CheesyNuts *New flavor  P 900
#PlainandCheesy P 850
#ClassicBlueberry *Personal Favorite and a best seller P 920
#CheeseSmores *New flavor customized for the fiancĂ© P 950
#DulcedeleCheese *Super Favorite P 950
#CheeseStrawberry *Best Seller, seasonal P 980

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