Monday, September 12, 2016

Limited Edition MasterChef Knives at Rustan's Supermarket

Any foodie who loves to cook definitely know the hit reality TV cooking programs, MasterChef US and MasterChef Australia.  If not then shame on him or her!  Just kidding!

Talking about the shows, do you notice the most talked about white apron?  The only apron which MasterChef participants would don during the show and would take off as a sign of not being able to make it to the competition.  What would you do if I tell you, you don't need to be a participant to get one?  You can thank me later after you've read the whole article.

But here is a way better news for you, not only are the aprons available but MasterChef knives too.

Rustan's Supermarket continues to offer quality product with its release of MasterChef Knives, which will be available this September.

I'm sure most chef and cooks would claim that their knives are some of their most prized possessions. Sharp knives makes prep so much easier and safer.  They also say that quicker and less forceful strokes mean less damage to the food and to your fingers.  Plus, it makes prep work more of a pleasure that a chore.

The MasterChef range contains eight knives of high-quality materials and expert design that come with a five-year warranty.  The stainless steel knives have passed food grade requirements of four countires: Germany, France, USA. and Italy.  The range contains the basics that every aspiring chef should own: a cleaver for heavy duty tasks, steak knives for easy meat cutting, a small and large Santoku knife for slicing, dicing and mincing, an all-around cook's knife, multi-functioning utility knife and sharpening steel.

Rustan's Supermarket is making owning a quality knife a set easier.  From September 1 to November 30 every P300 spent in a single transaction at Rustan's Supermarket will earn the shopper one sticker plus a minimum P100 spend  on sponsor products gets the shopper a bonus sticker, so long as it doesn't exceed three or the number of original stickers.  

There are 3 ways to collect the limited edition MasterChef knives:

1) Collect enough stickers to get the knives
2) Combine stickers with cash
3) Buy the knives at retail prices

To complete your MasterChef Kitchen essentials, shoppers who redeem a free MasterChef Knife with their stickers can get the official MasterChef Apron for just P 299.  Be one of the 2500 proud owners of the official MasterChef aprons only available at Rustan's Supermarket.

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