Wednesday, September 7, 2016

An Afternoon of Coffee and Sweets Pairing with Steep and Chef Didier

What can be better than an afternoon of get-together with friends over some perfectly good coffee and food.

So, I opened up our condo unit to have my couple friends Merna and Chef Didier to help them with their new line of business.  Aside from the beauty and wellness products Merna have put up with to support their Spa, Chef Didier, supported with a French cuisine up his sleeve and long years of in passion-oriented job in the worlds' finest kitchen hotels.

Also, i got to meet another passion-shaped guy who with his boldness to get into business as young as he is designed something that could change the way we delight in our breakfast.

Are you ready to learn about how wonderful that afternoon went?

After having Justin Beriber at a food fair some months ago at one of BGC's booming condo-living infrastructures, I've been fascinated with his coffee. His coffee is sourced out like how coffee traders would, however, his way is by far ethical.

Justin's coffee is marketed as Steep and it's unique packaging will surely change the coffee game.  His coffee beans are bought at a fair trade price from local coffee farmers.  He sourced out the good coffees in places only true coffee connoisseurs would go.

Robusta from Sultan Kudarat
Arabica from Sagada
Barako from Batangas

But there's something else with his coffee. It's revolutionary!

Unlike the sachet-type commercial coffee we would normally have,  his ground coffee beans are packed so much like a tea.  Yes, the fresh ground coffee is kept in biodegradable tea bags or should I say coffee bags.  Brewing coffee is as easy as 1-2-3.

First, you boil your water,
Pour it in the cup.
Then, Steep your coffee in it.

You can do this practically anywhere as long as you have a hot water and a mug (or cup).  It's enjoying really good quality coffee without spending too much.  Plus, you get to help local Filipinos earn money as Steep has partnered directly to local communities who packs his coffees by hand.

All of us were able to try all Steep's variants including their upcoming artisan flavored coffee- Hazelnut and French Vanilla and Peppermint.

You can now order online these coffee bags pack at

After which we were treated with some freshly-done crepes filled with Chef Didier's exquisite line of jams.  Chef Didier Derouet made the crepes from scratch and demonstrated how to make them.  I really thought it was hard, but he seemed to make it look so easy, he'd even pick the cooked crepe with his own fingers.  Though I wouldn't suggest you do it unless you're a seasoned cook.

Want to learn how?  Just visit this link - Crepe Made Simple.

Photo credit to
Above is a sample of what Chef Didier prepared for us.  It's Crepe with Tindok Banana Jam and Caramelized Bananas.

He also filled some crepes with his Pineapple Jam.

But his kindness extended beyond another line of yummy products- organic leche flans and flavored leche flans made from whole milk (not condensed and evaporated milk).  His organic leche flans are made of organic eggs from local farms, and whole carabao's milk which is locally sourced as well.
The flavors includes Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter, Belgian Chocolate and Ube.

Each Leche Flan ranges from P 150 to 175 per 400g. pack.
While each jar of jam costs P 150 only.

Together with his wife, my friend Merna, they run a wellness spa with their own hand-crafted spa products just across Greenbelt 5.  Do give Brazil Spa a visit and you may also pick up your orders there.

You may order at their Facebook page at Chef Didier Natural Products.


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