Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Taste of Hong Kong 3

When the news broke about Ian Wright coming to Manila, I was like "for real!?!"  I mean, I still couldn't get over the event seeing Nigella Lawson in the flesh, here in Manila.

Shortly, flashes of him eating frozen elk meat or deer guts in Greenland, winding up alleys somewhere or catching fish barehanded and cooking it in open fire.  These are memorable moments seen from his globe-trotting times with Lonely Planet.  Lonely Planet was a show we used to watch some 15 years or so ago.

And I just had the need to say YES!  Replied in all caps to the invitation made in behalf of TLC and Hong Kong Tourism Board.


Came September 20 at the spanking new Shangri La The Fort, I made sure I contained my excitement so I don't make a fool of myself in the midst of the media and some guests, when I see him.

Oh ok, the event wasn't  all about him at all, silly me.  It was to announce the new episodes of TLCs A Taste of Hong Kong 3.  Now on it's 3rd season (or year), the show evolves on two guys taking on the culinary expedition that is Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is known to many tourists as a place constantly filled with excitement because of the city's ever changing dynamics and the mega events throughout the year.  When you ask a child about Hong Kong, Disneyland would be their choice of word, for the girls and ladies, it's shopping and for foodies, well I'm sure, there wouldn't be just one word to refer it with.

Globe-trotter extraordinaire, Ian Wright, and Michelin-starred restaurant-trained Chef, Christian Yang, led the way to Hong Kong's best eats, from the unbeknownst street food to the speakeasies up to the Michelin-starred restaurants.  This wacky pair show how eating is done either the tourists' way or how any Hong Konger's does it.

The three-episode show will widen our knowledge of the country's colorful culture, with Ian's expertise in trying out everything (I mean, he had practically eaten almost everything in the book from traveling across nations) and Chef Christian's passion in unveiling the gastronomic fundamentals of the said country,

Star Eats

Be ready as Chef Christian reveals his secret weapon in finding out where celebrities get their munchies.  He apparently have his very own Map of the Stars, where he's plotted every celeb foodie spot in the city.  Here on, they narrow down their discoveries down to which dishes win the hearts of the stars.

Street Eats

With a challenge at hand, Ian being the most amicable host, he has an inkling of getting in touch with the locals and navigate the streets on his own, like Hong Kongers do.   With DingDings as Christian's weapon of choice in discovering top-notch street fare and with 120 tram stops and hundreds more street food options, the pair will be seen being spoiled by the city.

Style Eats

Then again, the dynamic duo scout the city for worthy dining spots with that unique style.  Hong Kong is stylishly diverse, it's a melding of traditional and contemporary styles and restaurants, cafe and even street foods are of no excuse.

Another unique part in each shows is how Chef Christian would interpret their experiences and give his own take on some of the dishes they have tried on his own kitchen, and do a dining pop-up event with a number of invited guests.  It's the chef's expertise plus Ian's international take and critique on the city's food will help shape Christian's dish.

For those dreaming to be in Hong Kong and couldn't yet, then let Ian Wright and Chef Christian Yang bring you there for your armchair pleasure.  But, don't say I didn't warn you, it will bring forth precious memories of your past Hong Kong trips or it will stir up something and gets you buying your next plane tickets to Hong Kong.
Catch A Taste of Hong Kong 3 on it's first airing on September 30, 2016, Friday at 6:40 pm on TLC (Skycable Ch 62)

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