Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Delicious Summer Treats That's Right on the Budget

Two months can drag on when trying to keep the kids entertained all summer.  Aside from increased electricity bills, longer shopping list (with more visits to the grocery store), moms need to think of what to give kids for snacks.  
I'm sure by now you have exhausted all efforts on deciding what to make or buy  for every three meals for the day, how about those in-betweens, it can get pretty nasty- from junk foods to tons of sweets readily available in the community stores.  Well, here's a treat for all of us, starting this summer right until the school opens again.
Mom's like me need not to fluster anymore.  I do a have a long list of recipes which I can bake or prepare for my family, however I don't have the frill to do most of them with all the chores and writing jobs that I have.   Julie's Bakeshop, the Philippines’ leading bakeshop chain, will stun you with their new offering.  They have came up with five new summer baked goodies that are energy giving, delightfully colorful, and completely affordable. 
Cupcake lovers will delight in the Rainbow Cupcake (P 12.50)creations that are topped with four tropical flavors - pineapple, strawberry, buko pandan and ube, sprinkled with colorful confetti sugar.
This rainbow themed chiffon cake will surely brighten up a any occasion or just plain bumming around the house.  The Ranbow Round Cake ( P160), a six-inch round butter chiffon cake that is pure velvety heaven coated with their customized and patented frosting and laced with alluring colors of red, yellow, and green coated in creamy whipped cream.   
You can also have it in square slices.  To enjoy it for yourself.  I'm sure you will.

The Yummy Yoyos (only P5), meanwhile, are soft round sandwich puffs that come in varieties of orange, buko pandan, pineapple and strawberry, all with powdered sugar in between. 
A bread fan that I am have not taken my eyes of , of these jam-filled bread which looks like a flower.  You don't have to scavenge on your pantry to look for a spread on your favorite "monay,"  the Fruit-Filled Breads, are flower-shaped delights bursting in flavors of guava, mango, and pineapple. 
For a classic Filipino snack, Julie’s Bakeshop has also come up with delicious Empanada, filled with savory stripped chicken meat.  What is so comforting about this highly-favored bread is, though it was fried it isn't oily, though not that flaky as what I like with traditional Empanadas

With these newest creations from Julie’s Bakeshop, summer snacking has never looked this yummy for the whole family. These baked goodies are now available at all Julie’s Bakeshop branches nationwide. 

For more information regarding Julie’s Bakeshop Summer Breads, visit their Facebook account (http://facebook.com/JuliesBakeshop), follow them on Twitter (@JuliesBakeshop1) and also on Instagram (@JuliesBakeshop). The official hashtags of the Summer Breads Launch are #JuliesSummerSurprise and #SummerSurprise.


  1. hmm...Haven't tried Pan de Coco at Julie's will do later:)

  2. I like the chocolate cake of Julie's. I'm referring of Julie's branch here in Davao City-Buhangin area..


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