Monday, May 27, 2013

Village Tavern Revisited on Their First Anniversary

One of the best things to look forward to during each special occasion is being with family or friends and getting that special time to relax, to forget work, drop all the stress, be with those you love and celebrate traditions. Just like the one we had when my daughter turned  15 years old.  
See how we celebrated her day with the most delightful dinner here:

Ambiguous But Delighted at Village Tavern

After a year since Village Tavern had a branch here in the Philippines, many foodies have eulogized about it, including me.  Many have gone nuts by just checking out the miscellany offering.   I consider it God's divine intervention when I said I have to be back soon after we have tried the tavern.  Yes! I got an invite to their first anniversary to try out the spanking addition to their teeming all-American comfort food selection.   I'm quite sure, if my kids would read this post, they would say, "we haven't even tried the other food, now they have added more."   Well for me, I guess there would be more reasons to come back.
We began the night of gustatory experience with Crispy Clams with Spicy Lemon Dip (P 375).  A basket of crisped baby clams served with the concoction of spiced up mayo, lemon dip and simple salad greens.
To pique our palate some more, we were served with Fully Loaded Romaine Heart (P 425).  Frankly, I'm not a fan of the milky fluid which gives the romaine the typically fine-bitter herb taste.  But what was wonderful about this salad was the simplest possible way they have served the veggie but amped up the flavor with oil-dripped bacon chips, chopped onions and tomatoes and the oh la la blue cheese dressing.  Our seat-mate Vina was so gracious enough to slice and mix it up for our consumption.
Then came the Roasted Bone Marrow (P 295).  We all gasped in shock (either in a bad way or a good one), upon seeing a 12 inch backbone split in half with bone marrows open for scraping.  After which, Chef Josh Boutwood came to our table and gave us hints for a touch of indulgence.
As you can see, Chef Josh seemed so animated as he tells to pick a piece of the sourdough bread, spread liberally with the bone marrow,  a dash of the co-mix of rock salt and freshly ground pepper and finally a generous sprinkling of the apple cider vinegar.   Who can tell that you can actually eat a roasted bone marrow, for I thought you can only savor it with typical Bulalo soup.
Before Chef Josh left our table, he said that there is no bad cholesterol in it.  I gawked and said,  "really, come on."  Realizing how stupid I was and how so right he was and after much debate with my husband on this, I can fairly say that indeed bone marrows (specifically those of grass-fed animals) are nutritious and scientists and doctors said it contains many important elements for brain growth and development. It also takes much less energy to digest than plant food.
 But, even with the scaredy-feeling (thinking it is high in cholesterol) I grubbed it into bits and boy that creamy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness was so gratifyingly good!  I also think that the apple cider vinegar some dash of coarse sea salt made all the difference.
 Fourth on the list is this plate of Cod Fish (P 525).  The Altlantic Cod fish was pan seared first then topped on a a bed of salt-roasted potato slices which was cooked with chorizo bits and caramelized onions.  I found the fish a bit bland though, so eating it with the chorizo and potato is highly recommended.
Who said tomahawk can never be dainty?  Would you just look at this 35 oz Tomahawk Steak (P 2895).  I have tissues ready on one side of my table right now for this has a high drooling effect factor.  It is perfectly aged, hand-cut and grilled with the right temperature, getting inspirations from first-rate steakhouses of New York and Chicago.  Usually served with a mound of compound butter and salad on the side.  A dab of the herbed compound butter on the soft, succulent and savory beefy meat is said to impress and feed everyone, I'm sure, for it impressed me to bits
 I am so frank about  my animosity to meat.  I am not a voracious carnivorous you see.  But time and again made me a convert, specially if a Rack of Lamb is plated beautifully and served right in front of you.  Surely the heavens, will struck e with lightning if I go home not getting my share of the rosemary infused  Lamb Rack (P 675), layed on a puddle of milky goodness with peas and mint and the best-tasting mashed potatoes.
And the sweet ending to my glorious night, was the Frozen Lime Souffle (P 295).  This wintry, tangy and nutty (all at the same bite) dessert will surprise you.  It's a souffle alright but kept in the freezer for a time to be served as an icy choice on a hot humid night like this.
When I saw the menu, I instantly checked out what would be served for dessert.  It was the thought of lime sorbet that had got into my mind when I saw the name, not realizing by then that it's a souffle, frozen at that.  So I said to myself that it will be for cleaning up the palate.   Indeed, it was to lighten up and freshen up the palate for more of what they have!
Oh yes the beverages!  If you have some cravings with cocktails to match your impeccable food choices,  Village Tavern is also treating their customers with half off on all wines by the glass, as well as all cocktails and liquors to their Wednesday Night Out. 

Cheers to more gastronomic wonders to Village Tavern!


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  2. Love their blackened shrimp! We never go there without having that for appetizers :-)


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