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And I Fell in Love, a First Sight at TWG Tea Salon and Boutique

First of all, let me tell you how ashamed I am of myself, being the food blogger that I am, that I didn't take heart in using my DSLR here (though I did bring it with me).   So pardon me for the terrible photos taken with my Samsung S3 and husband's LG 3D Optimus (for the last three photos below).
So, here's how my Valentine's Day for 2013 went.
In the afternoon, Bhogs and I braved the wave of love-struck traffic of the metro to check out Marriott Hotel's Chocolate Art Exhibit.  We didn't really plan anything on that day, for we never really go out on a Valentine's Day, we find it really cheesy and corny.   However after taking a few snaps, we realized that it was time for coffee.  So we went to the mall next door, Newport Mall, and decided to dine instead, though I found it hard to choose, for ubiquitous are swank restaurants.   
After reaching the far end of the mall, juxtaposed is the ritzy tea salon, whose name is TWG Tea Salon and Boutique.  Upon seeing, my eyes were aglow and chanced on the clear glass panel of the salon was a twinkle on my eye.   So I told Bhogs, "I never knew they will set up a branch here, but I was glad they considered and it was perfect."   Then this man of mine said. "Pangalan pa lang flashy na!  Parang di ako bagay dyan." (to translate: "The name suggest the place to be flashy!  I don't think I would fit in,)  Ouch!  My heart broke.   He didn't know that ever since I saw TWG at Greenbelt I already fell  in love with it.   My mom love teas, even the ones that are at a premium, so I learned  how to appreciate it and consider its value for good health.   Though he knows that I fancy odd flavored teas from Celestial Seasonings and Twinings, he minded me looking more closer at the menu posted outside the door.  
So we walked pass by it, with a sullen look on my face.   Reaching the second floor, went around twice, still undecided where to go, he finally asked me, "Do you really want to try the tea place below?"   Without any hesitation I said YES. 
Inside was really, really shiny.   This for tea-lovers would be a piece of heaven, where all the finest tea blends around the world are curated.   Oh and these teas on tins on the walls will be there to welcome you and eventually entice you and educate you into the world of tea drinkers.
TWG, short for The Wellness Group, conceptualized first in Singapore in the year 2007, behind the thought of a new conception of tea and to a new luxury brand for the world.
TWG Tea offers more that 450 fine harvests and exclusive tea blends from which you can choose from. These blends are from the 38 tea-producing countries around the world like China, Japan and India. This selection of tea blends goes into a strict taste test with the TWG Tea President himself Mr. Taha Bouqdib.

I would like to commend the wait-staff who made it easier for us to choose which type or blend of teas befit us.   I was told by a friend  that sharing a pot of tea was not allowed, though Bhogs knew all along that it is a must we get different blend for us to sample not just one.   The options are endless, they have a pamphlet/ menu just for the teas alone, but the very knowledgeable and courteous staff recommended, as if he knew us, the certain blend that we might actually enjoy.   For him was the hot Happy Hour Tea, whilst for her was the Sweet Romance Tea, cold as requested.      After getting our orders, we counted just ten minutes, the teas and the food as well were served astonishingly fast.  The hot tea was served first, as you can see it was on an 18 karat gold tea pot.  which I think was a major flashy accessory but suits the ambiance pretty well, but please don't get intimidated even if it comes a long with a nifty price tag.    There must be a reason why it has to be on that kind of teapot.   Which I will soon find out. (because I will be coming back pretty soon).
Like there is a reason for the shape of the tea cup, which is with a wide brim, and short in height.  According to some of the blogs I read, to delight more on the tea selection one has to savor the aroma, whether the teas are floral, minty or chocolaty.   Coming from my husband's point of view (who is not really prone to drinker teas), the wide-open mouth of the cup may have something to do with the sips going to the side palate, then eventually goes to the other parts of the tongue eliminating every bad aftertaste and delivering the sweetness or the minty taste of the tea.  For short science is involved.
Moving on, my refreshingly cold glass of tea from the Sweet Romance blend was a shot of black tea with a strong strawberry and citrus taste and  a calming hint of vanilla.   It served without sweetness but a jar with light syrup went with it.  Might I say a good recommendation.   Bhogs hot tea lived up to its name, The Happy Hour, a green tea blend with citrus and sweet notes with subtle hints of peppermint.

Then the hot bun came, I think as a complimentary to the pasta.
We came in after six pm, wasted a lot of time roaming around the mall so we weren't able to get the Tea Time Set Menus which is traditionally served from 3 pm to 6 pm.   So we got ourselves a selection each from the Ala Carte.  We had the one from the Savory Crepes - The Parisian Crepe.  It has potatoes, turkey ham and Emmental cheese tossed in French earl Grey tea infused bechamel sauce.  Every item on the menu is good for one but can be shared.  
We also had to share a nicely plated TWG Tea Lasagna.  Amongst the three options we chose the Garden Vegetables which has their signature tomato and fresh basil sauce this time infused with Moroccan Mint tea.  The sauce was so rich and very Italian to my  taste which I love.   Yes, the menu boasts of an extensive choice of tea-infused noshes which evidently is new to our Filipino taste but with the two that I 've tried it is hard to say no to the other dishes.  If I be to rate the dishes I give 10,  with 10 being the highest.
With the tea gastronomy invading our rich growing epicurean experiences, there are a lot more to discover.  Why not start here at 1837 TWG.
Another worth coming back for, not only the tea blends but also the tea macarons and tea ice creams.

The sight of those rainbow colored tin cans with the manifest showcase of the differently flavored tea-infused macarons are such eye-candy
More on TWG on my next visit still at their flagship branch, at the Resorts World  Manila.

TWG Tea Salon and Boutique 
Resorts World Manila, Ground Floor - Block 1,
Shop 17B, Newport City,
100 Andrews Avenue, Newport Cybertourism Zone, Pasay City, 
Tel: +632 550 1452, +632 550 1479

TWG Tea Salon and Boutique 
Greenbelt 5, 1-049, Level 1
 Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel: +632 720 8665, +632 720 8667

TWG Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. I was hesitant to enter TWG before because of its "swanky" feel but after reading this post, I think I know what I should do the next time I'm going there :D

  2. As a tea lover, I consider their place a heaven! I love their table setting, the food they serve and the tea!

    I would make a visit to TWG and taste their tea! :D

  3. I like the tea pot so unique. Hmmm...parang gusto ko rin pumunta dito ah.

  4. a fest to the eyes!!! the mobile camera is not that bad after all!

  5. WOW LANG HA! Ang ganda lang ng lugar,international na international ang dating, first pic pa lang grabeh nah. Yung macarons, masarap ba yan?

  6. I love twg tea. I had a lot of that when I ate at Vikings. Definitely a must try

  7. Living in a Chinese influenced country made us also adapt their taste when it comes to teas. We learned to love ginger grass, Chamomile, and jasmine tea and include Masala Tea.

  8. Your cameras have a nice shot they get all the details of your post from food to the interior design of the place. A must try TEA LASAGNA..hmmmmm...yummy!

  9. First time I heard about TWG was from Yani. She introduced me to it. And eversince, its part of my grocery budget every week. I'm excited while reading your post. I hope to visit their place soon.

  10. I have just been here last weekend! All food and the tea were nice! I will blog about it soon. :)

  11. The place is interesting and I like what they are offering. I love tea.

  12. Your photos looks good though but yes much better if taken with DSLR ! The place looks awesome!


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