Friday, May 3, 2013

7-ELECTION: Every Gulp Counts

It's only eight more days before we see ourselves declaring freedom once more and giving our country more chances of developing political and social wise.

Summer heat can most of the time be synonymous with election days (which happens every three years).  Good thing 7-11, the largest convenient store in the country, had launched a program giving customers a way to quench their thirst away and represent the team candidates for this year's (2013) election.   I don't really know how this can be accurate- in a way to know how any one would probably vote for a certain election candidate or party.  But it's a good enough barometer to know who or what party majority of the people might be vouching for.
You can also make your vote count ahead of the election day by simply buying an 16oz Gulp® beverage of any choice from Coca Cola, Del Monte and Pepsi.

Yep, easy as 1, 2, 3...

There are only 3 paper cup varieties.  The choice of cup serves as your vote, But for it to be valid, the bar code on your cup should be scanned for the system to tally the vote.
The designs are colored according to the Teams as such:

Team PNoy : YELLOW

Team Una: ORANGE
All In-One-Cup/Independent: WHITE
 (Ang Kapatiran, Bangon Muna, Democratic, Makabayan and Social Justice)

After choosing your cup, Yey, time to get your favorite dear, your drink is not designated to any parties, just the cups, get it?

Heads up, the beauty of this  informal 7-Election polls is that, though partial, is transparent since all 7-Eleven stores will be able to track the sale of the 7-Election Gulp® cups.   A lowdown of  the Gulp® cups and online polls are posted in leader boards at all stores weekly.

Regular updates will be open to the public in the website, social media and via strategic LED billboards placements in key transit areas in Metro Manila. The final tally will be released on May 7, 2013.

Hurry!  The promo and voting per se (buying of Gulp®) is only until May 6, 2013.

So Gulp your support now!

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