Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jack-O-Lantern Cheesecake

So, how was your Halloween?   I'm sure it was a totally wicked day for our kids.   I'm wondering if there are still enough candies and chocolates at the stores for tomorrow.    Just a reminder to parents, make sure your kids have properly brushed their teeth before they retire for the night.   If they wore any make-up or face and body paints make sure they are tidily washed up and moisturized.
This year's All Souls Day have  been festive, rather than reposed as compared to the past years.   Hmmm, tell me, were you one of those moms who unhesitantly prepared for the kids costume?
With the Halloween wallowing away,  I could not help myself to share with you a FOOD FIND for the season.    
Last October 26, my kids and I were at Rockwell to attend Candy Corner's Carnival.   After that they requested to visit their library, Fully Booked.  While they were looking for books of their interests, I left them and checked out Baker's Dozen, which apparently moved to a new location of the Powerplant Mall.  Will do a separate blog about my amazing sweet trip of the Baker's Dozen.   For now I will be featuring the purveyor which best caught my palate's interest.

Do excuse me for this, I will be having a series of split personality behaviors.  You see the sound of Sugarbee, gives me the goosebumps.   For one, sugar is my enemy and also my friend.  Due to my daughter's diabetic condition, I'm tad bit scared of refined sugar or any kind of sugar for that matter.   However, we can not remove the importance of sugar in our diet.   We love pastries, chocolates, and having desserts and sweet snacks, even my daughter need a proper intake of it due to insulin injections.

The decadent Pumpkin Cheesecake.
Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Cheesecake eater.
P-for Pumpkin.
Alright, the Pre-school teacher in me wants to get out, but nhey, I'm a food-blogger now.   I will never tire of saying I love cheesecakes, that is explained more at the blog entitled The Queen of Cheesecakes.
For this, let me introduce Sugarbee's Pumpkin Cheesecake.  

Bewitched by the thought of pumpkin and cream cheese, and  in its plain-ness, a slice was placed on a take- out plastic pack.   I  was ready to go home with it, until a cupful of brownish thick concoction was dripped over and out comes the gooey caramel syrup in all its lusciousness. 
  And I thought I'm going to go home even happier.  Until, slivers of pecan nuts were then topped over  the caramel laden pumpkin cheesecake.    It yes it was heavenly!

If you think that was too much for a Halloween, get this.
In other countries,  the Halloween is also acquainted with fall season.   And how can not we talk about fall without the orange and brown leaves on the trees and on the ground, and pumpkins are also no exception.    Gosh, I've never actually eaten a pumpkin, and I hope that doesn't make me a loser.   I hope our own squash can put up with our county's loss of it, since they are of the same family of vegetable.
 But a big YEY!  Finally I had my sweet take on pumpkin, though flavored only for a cheesecake recipe, but still.
Pumpkin Cheesecake combines two American favorites; New York style cheesecake and pumpkin pie, which perhaps be a perfect dessert for this season or to any season for that matter.
The pumpkin in the recipe keeps this cheesecake light and almost gives it the consistency of a mousse or chiffon – it’s very light, smooth and airy. And fabulous. Did I mention that?
I love that the mousse and the crust isn't that too sweet at all.   Making the caramel syrup just perfect with it.   Making this one, perfect for a Blue Ribbon Award  from the foodie of Gastronomy By Joy.

Here are more treats for the coming Christmas season, from Sugarbee.
Sansrival chips with sinfully yummy butter dip.
Tinned Alfajores and Florentines.
Assorted bars for your takings.

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  1. I love cheesecakes too:) haven't tried a pumpkin cheesecake but it looks really good especially with the caramel and pecans :)

    1. Oh you better try this, they will still be at the Baker's Dozen at Rockwell, every weekend. This is my newest cheesecake variety.


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