Thursday, October 4, 2012

Have you Tried Tropicana's Coco Quench?

Have you seen the commercial where the voice over has that demure and alluring whisper "Coco Quench?"  The sound really had embed itself on one of my hearing quarters (something likened to LSS) yet resounds with full impact.  I have always loved coconut water, not only for its nutritious value and healing capabilities but more so the quenching power it gives me after a day of running around the house with errands.   On that commercial a significant product is introduced in a sexy-looking tetra pack.
The new product Tropicana Coco Quench, which is 100 percent fresh and made from real coconut water, is the first locally-produced drink with an eight-month shelf life.  This new product harnesses tropical Philippines’ vast coconut production and capitalizes on the advanced technology of Tetra Pak packaging to keep the coconut juice fresh without the need for preservatives and added flavors.
I was one of the few to be invited to experience the product on its launch last September 27 at One Esplanade.  A cocktail bar was set up on one side and I was lucky enough to be early for the event so I was able to try some mixes of mocktails and cocktails where the new Coco Quench drink was used.

First up was Coco Lychee Martini.  Coco Quench was built up with Martini and placed on a chilled glass half-filled with crushed ice then topped with a fresh lychee.  
I also had tried a glass of Coco Mango Frappe without the alcohol.  I think it's a conflate of mango juice, Coco Quench, some syrup, and a liquid resembling the taste of alcohol.

These test tubes looked rather amusing but I dared not to taste it for according to a friend it's enticingly heady.
When it was time to see what's in store for us at the program launch, Borgy Manotoc came out and led the night.   He introduced the product and the video that launches the new product in the market with the face of Coco Quench, Supermodel Charo Ronquillo, who has walked the runway at prestigious New York and Paris fashion shows.  She was chosen to be the brand ambassador for Coco Quench given its proposition as the beverage for consumers who lead an active lifestyle.

A fashion show also was part of the program.

What are the benefits of coconut water?  

Coconut water is the purest liquid second only to water itself. It is chock full of electrolytes, calcium, potassium, magnesium; everything that is good for you.   Now Tropicana Coco Quench serves you all those anytime, anywhere, no need to wait for "Manong" passing by selling coconut on their husks on push carts.

You see coconut water is an isotonic solution which replaces the fluids and minerals that the body loses during physical activities

If you consume coconut water on a regular basis it can reduce urinary problems. People who suffer from strangury, polyutra and other urinary ailments drink coconut water to relieve their symptoms.

Drinking coconut water with one teaspoon of olive oil for three days will kill intestinal worms and clear the stomach of worms, which makes for better digestion.

People who have kidney problems and are plagued by kidney stones should drink coconut water in addition to taking their medication. Drinking coconut water regularly helps to break up kidney stones making them easier to push out.

Coconut water is almost identical to blood plasma and this makes it easy to use for blood transfusion. In cases of emergency coconut water has been used as an intravenous hydration fluid instead of the standard IV fluid. During World War II many wounded soldiers were saved in the Pacific because of emergency transfusion using coconut water as plasma.

Coconut water contains monolaurin, an antiviral, antibacterial and antiprotozoal monoglyceride that is used to kill lipid-coated viruses such as HIV, Herpes, cytomegalovirus, flu and various pathogenic bacteria.

Coconut water is great at reducing vomiting. People who have typhoid, malaria, fevers or other ailments that are known to induce vomiting drink coconut water to settle the stomach. As such, coconut water is also a good thing to drink during a hangover.

So drink up and be quenched with the perfect juice made and protected by nature, now in every pack of the new Tropicana Coco Quench! 
Coconut water like no other. Try it now!

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