Sunday, October 21, 2012

Candy Corner Carnival

Kids and kids at heart, here yee, hear yee!

Enter a carnival and experience a whole new world filled with sugary goodness! Join in on the games such as the Jelly Belly Bean-Tac-Toe, the Truffle Ring Toss, the Almond Roca Fortune Teller, and many more in order to earn lots of points!

Remember, the more points you earn, the more candies and chocolates you will get. So play all of the games and do your very best!!

After completing the activities, exchange your ticket with your points for loads of candies and chocolates by heading to the candy and chocolate buffet!!! The number of points you have determines the weight of chocolates and candies that you will get.

Join in on the fun at the Candy Corner Carnival by purchasing P300 worth of products or paying the P200 entrance fee.

Oh I can't wait to have all those candies in our jars! See you there!!

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