Monday, October 29, 2012

Adopt-A-School Program Partners Recognition Day

DepEd fetes its education partners through simple recognition rites for the private sector, non-government organizations and individuals like what had happened at the Bulwagan ng Karunungan, DepEd Central Office last October 25.

Republic Act 8525, also known as “Adopt A School Act/Program of 1998, "Adopt-a-School Program"  states that "it will allow private entities to assist a public school, whether elementary, secondary, or tertiary, preferably located in any of the twenty (20) poorest provinces identified by the Presidential Council for Countryside Development or any other government agency tasked with identifying the poorest provinces in, but not limited to, the following areas: staff and faculty development for training and further education; construction of facilities; upgrading of existing facilities, provision of books, publications and other instructional materials; and modernization of instructional."

Does upon acting on this, DepEd’s Adopt-A-School program, hovered through private corporations and individual donors being encouraged to donate to public schools to bridge education resource gaps.  In exchange, donors can avail of tax rebate from the government.

According to DepED, private sector investment in the public school system has reached P5.8 billion in October 2012, up from P3.4 billion in 2011.

Education Secretary Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC said the bulk of donation is in the form of school buildings amounting to P1.7 billion which translates to 3,184 classrooms. “We are indebted to our private sector partners who continue to invest in education knowing fully well its power to transform the lives of many Filipinos,” he added.   

Upon his appreciation, he taunted DepEd's relationship with its true partners likened to a dance, where both parties gracefully dance to the rhythm.  

 The Adopt-A-School secretariat of DepEd continues to receive increasing proposition to donate from the private sector.

Some of the support provided by the private sector to public schools are  classrooms, furniture, infrastructure including toilets, hand-washing facilities, school stage, fence and drainage system, feeding program, computers and technology support, school supplies, training and development, health and nutrition, direct assistance to students and teachers, reading program,  and DepEd-GASTPE scholarship grants.

"We believe that donors continue to give to DepEd because they are confident that their donation will be put to good use,” said Luistro.


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