Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Serene Escape the Family Needed at Chateau Royale

 This can be your home for the weekened...
This can be your snack for the weekend...
Imagine a crusty, less sweetened spring roll wrapping  good slices of saba bananas and ripe jackfruit.  In every bite, creamy purple yam delicacy oozes out with enough warmth to fill your mouth, encompassing the frigidness in every gust of the wind blown from the greenery.
This can be the place where you watch over your kids waddle in pool while you sip cup after cup of coffee with the Ube Langka Turon.   Wifi service can also be your friend as you tinker away with your gadgets and not minding the tie pass.
Yes, this can be the alley that's serene and clean as you walk to your cabin...
Imagine this to greet you as you head to your cabin, or visit other places of interests inside Chateau Royale and relish the
A weekend can be an ultimate adventure week-ender with this made-up building only for wall climbing.
Be ravished with a line of  life-sized Buddhist stone-carvings, as make each child jitters while nearing the playground.
This can be your kids' weekend playtime spot.
Get soaked in unspoiled sunbeams and cool clean water and get meager smiles and laughs.
Get a doze of Flipino cuisine on what seems to be a floating restaurant, just a walk away from your doorstep.
How about unique finds to take home or get treats for friends or colleagues as "pasalubong."
A new look above the ceiling with this eye-catching work and chandelier, would not hurt, not even on some weekends.
This Three-egg omelet can be a different take on your breakfast table.    Have it with fried rice or classic bread toasts and more coffee.   Without the daily morning noise of the neighborhood.
LOLz.  This can be the most awkward family picture you can have on a weekend yet a dear one.
The Lounge to greet you,  as you are received in the resort and the last site before you go back to the harsh reality that is so called, urban living.

Chateau Royale is conveniently located across Evercrest Golf Course, a twenty-minute drive away from Tagaytay City. Please refer to the map below for directions.

Chateau Royale Sports & Country Club, Inc.
Km 72 Batulao, Nasugbu

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