Friday, March 25, 2011

What's Brewing, Sam Brew?

     These have been kept in my hubby's cellphone for weeks already.  While I was discussing with a friend, my kids had fun time posing for the camera.  This one was taken outside the coffee shop, with the molded endearing teardrop-eye children of Precious Moments.   Can my kiddos pass as one of them? Hmm..
     The Precious Moments collection of  Sam Butcher has touched many hearts in Sam's heartfelt and moving creations  through cards, posters and figurines and never failed to share his faith.   It was when I was still so engrossed with cross-stitching when I first saw his artworks and since then I came to love it, and my sister, Wilma and me have had a lot of our own artworks out of his designs.   
      SAMUEL J. BUTCHER's life is such an inspiration.  Some of Sam's fondest memories are of his grand-mother telling him Bible stories and with that he grew up having so much interest on spiritual things and was able to draw scenes from the Bible at a very early age.  He even have won awards, however like any other child, he still felt empty.   One night he attended a church and was invited through a prayer to let Jesus in his heart and accept Him as his Savior.   Until then he had devoted his life and talents to the Lord.   As he grew in grace and knowledge of the Lord, he had desires to share God's love.   He used his drawings to convey the Good News of God's words and began illustrating the lovable " teardrop-eye children" which he called "Precious Moments."    It was first given to family and friends until everyone knew about it.   
As a Christian mom and teacher, sharing the Word of God is incomparable to sharing your riches, specially to little children.  As the Bible said, "train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it (Proverbs 6:1)."    Seeing how God worked in Sam B.'s life since he was a child, how he became popular and successful made me think I'm privileged of serving Hiin my littlest ways.

 Sam B.'s artworks are very much reflected here at Sam Brew Cafe and at the mother restaurant  Precious Moments  Showroom, Gift shop and Teahouse.  Inside the atmosphere is very relaxing.  You can either have your coffee at the couch area or the dining spot in front of the cake display case.  The nook is just small, however comfy enough to have a small group get entertained.  

More so, a plethora of both hot and cold coffee concoctions are being served which are cheaper than any other coffee houses, from P 35.00 to P 115.00.  With it are baked goodies which goes so well with their coffee to celebrate a well deserved coffee break or to just unwind.

They are brewing at
Gr. Flr. Dona Carmen Bldg.
Arellano St., Brgy, Palanan, Makati City
Call them at: 846-4294

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