Thursday, March 24, 2011

Papa John's Pizza To Celebrate My Day

It was a long time ago since I last stopped by at University Mall,  a small building niche of La Sallians, Benildans and Scholasticans, if that's what they're called, sorry for the terms.   Probably the last time was when I was studying in De La Salle UniversityPapa John's used to be Pizza Hut then.  Now, UM is much more appealing, saucy and has more dining options.
I never saw any blogs yet from this Pizza chain, though I've heard about them so I made some search on the net about them.   Accordingly, I found out that Papa John's was voted “Best Pizza” in more than 50 U.S. markets over the last several years, including in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. etc.   They are so passionate about their Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. ” brand promise and seeing this theme inside the resto made me expect more.  So what's my say?   Observe the pictures below and you tell me.

 Grilled Chicken Deluxe (14-inces, Large, P 550).   It has grilled chicken, ham and bacon, mushrooms with Carbonara Sauce.  See that's new.   I never knew Carbonara sauce can be used to top pizza.   What my husband and I liked about their pizza is that their dough is not greasy.  It is soft and crunchy and goes perfectly well with the butter garlic dip.

 We had two servings of the side dish Chicken Platter, and my Dana gobbled up with much delight on the chicken wings and chicken fillet and played with the three sauces.
We sooo love (no exaggeration!) Italian dishes, you may notice on my other blog site that I have a lot of pasta dishes featured and my kids and I are "pizza monsters."  We actually didn't know what to expect going there, my husband even thought that UM was closed for Sunday.  And just knowing that the resto was new, made him even wonder.   But everything was perfect!  My kids ate to their hearts content.   There are a few guests so the staff didn't mind us being noisy and wacky.   We were all comfortable of the place and we're even offered promos, so we didn't pay for our drinks, except for my Passionfruit Soda.   
Here are more pictures of  some  of the foods we had...
 Chicken and Mushroom Calzone (P160), the serving of this was huge, everyone got a share and was really satisfied with it.  Mozzarella cheese really oozes and filled with a mix of grilled chicken, mushrooms and I think a garlic sauce, and has pizza sauce on the side.
 The Chicken Platter. I like the buffalo wings, perfectly marinated and you can choose from these three different dips, I tried every sauces and I loved them all.
A tall glass  Italian Soda in Passionfruit, only P 69.   Only for me, they have two more variations.   I've got to try on our next visit.
 It was a good decision though to come here and celebrate my birthday with my loved ones!   We would want to go to Cafe Noriter after, however with the foods that filled our tummies, we could not afford to put more in it!  My son said that his stomach is very happy!  If my family would vote among all the pizza chains here in the Philippines, this is the best choice we will have!  Thanks Papa John Schnatter!

Papa John's Pizza - University Mall Taft Avenue
Unit 01 Ground Floor, #2507 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila City
(632) 536-4612 or (632) 536-5434
 Yes, they deliver!


  1. Papa John's or is it Papa Johns (without the apostrophe) somewhat of a contraversial subject here in the States. They changed their name. This looks delicious though. Why is it that chain pizza taste better in other countries?


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