Saturday, March 5, 2011

10th Philippine Food Expo


     The all-Filipino Consumer event in the country, Philippine Food Expo where  the best Pinoy food products gathered  in one venue.  We were there, February 27, the last day, and have seen how native food products of various provinces showcased.   It aims to  promote the country’s quality food products which are still unknown globally    Most of the products are organic, all locally harvested, fished and produced, however there were products that have imported some ingredients but the merchandise were developed and made here.

     I would like to thank LocalRoam by the way, for the free tickets I got.  

   Here are the pictures I've taken.

Lovely fruit and vegetable carvings.

Not real but looks yummy!

Chef Loryey of Gourmet's, I hope I have that spelled correctly
The retailer's avenue...

 There were two cooking demo that we were able to see.    One from Malabon's Best products from Trans-Ocean Food products, Inc.   Another is "Mega Fresh, Mega Healthy" brought to us by Mega Fishing Corporation.   Both were enjoyable and pleasurable, cause we get to savor their dishes.

Product Gallery...

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