Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cubao Expo

Bellini's, an Italian Restaurant.  Too bad we wasn't able to visit inside, that is why I made a promise to myself, my niece and my daughter that I will definitely bring them here.  I've have heard a lot of reviews about them so I'm sure it would be another good experience.

One of the galleries here.  New paintings in an old setup. This was the second floor, although the place was hot, we still were happy seeing the art-works.  I remembered my Lola's house in Antiquera, Bohol.

The Beadlady of Clay house , Angelie Sobrepena, famous for her yummy cupcake designs.   I was one of her customers, who bought numbers of cupcake-designed clay accessories.   She was not there though, but we were able to see new designs and very artsy items, such as hand-painted shoes, bags and bangles.
Just in front of the Reading Room, were we bought several Kikay items.
My friend, Ms. Carmen Ramos posing outside one of the vintage shoppe.
My favorite shot of my friend.  See how she stands-out in the picture.  Yes, no "photoshop" or alters.  The whole place was painted black, white and gray, with crazy wall-paintings.
This was taken at KEBAB X. 
  Were we stayed for a while to talk about our love-lives and of course, had some resfreshment.
We had their best selling Beef Pitas and a very refreshing Mango Shake!

I invite everyone to come here, such a very nice experience we had.   You won't even notice how time will fly as you enjoy strolling and peeping through window panes of cute stores.   You might also might take home a pair of shoes,  yip, it still have shadows of it being previously known as Marikina Shoe Expo.   All it takes is a brisk walk from Gateway Mall, the way which is parallel to Aurora Blvd.   Along the way you should be able to see Singapore's Chicken Rice, Cibo Main office and ACS building.


  1. I should have been here with you guys, you know. I've been meaning to try out the kebab there - - and the design of the place right with robots and all, so artsy. All it needs na lang is a signboard of its name in an accessible area plus photos for their menu for easy ordering. Carmen, you, and I should really go to Chef Laudico's Filipino Bistro at the Fort ok. Please prepare 700 each coz buffet sya pero sit down meal where everything you want to order will be served to you in small portions. Promise it will be one adventure after the other. Although not all dishes are superb, there are some that really stand out. Ako na bahala sa coffee and stroll after. April 30, what do you say?

  2. This is TC by the way. Thanks for posting my add sa taas ng site mo. Katuwa naman. Hugs and more power to us.

  3. @ TC... BestFriend, Tnx a lot for commenting, I'm sure will have more fun! Can't wait for April 30!


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