Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh my March!

     March 23, eight more days and March is ending, but my organizer tells me I still have a lot to do this month.   My daughter, Danielle will still be celebrating her birthday on the 24th, oh, it is already tomorrow.  My sister-in-law will be on the next day also.
     I just had my birthday celebrated last Saturday with my college friends and on Sunday with my family at Papa John's Pizza.   Since this month came, I've been receiving numerous greetings from my two sweethearts, Dana and Danica.   Their self-designed and made cards always mark each day.  Not a day did I not hear their "Happy Birthday Mommy, I love you," with wet kisses and warm hugs.   Just one o the top reasons why I love being a mom!
    Another interesting part is having lunar perigee.  I was able to moongaze, waked up at 12 midnight, went up to our roof-top  and noticed that the moon has a magnificent brightness and is said to be bigger than usual.   According to Steve Irvine, although the Moon may look the same each time it is full, there is actually quite a difference in its size throughout the year. The Moon's orbit around the Earth is an elipse, so at some times it is full when it's close to us, and other times it's full when far away in its orbit. The closest part of its orbit is called perigee, and the distant part of the orbit is called apogee.   And the closest perigee this 2011, March 19, at 356,577 kilometers.
     Never to be put aside the fact that I had a lot of entries this month.   Since the start of March I have been to places and restaurants and have tried a lot of new things, either on menus and activities.  So here are just some of the coffee shops and restaurants I've been to...
 ==StarbucksCoffee at Paseo de Magallanes    
==Mushroom Burger of Tagaytay
 ==Thousand Teas at Mezza, Sta. Mesa, Manila 

==Fastfood Area of Cartimar, Libertad, where we tried Thai Noodles which I loved

==Leslie’s Restaurant, Calamba Laguna
==Bag ofBeans, Tagaytay
==Sam Brew at Arellano St., Makati City
==Burgoo, Gateway Mall, Cubao
==Figaro, Gateway Mall, Cubao  
==Kebab X at Cubao Expo
==Papa John’s Pizza at University Mall, beside La Salle Taft
==Flavors of China, SM Sucat 
    Hewwhh!   So much to do, so little time!   I've written reviews of some of  them, just try to click on them.   The highlighted ones are the ones that has links to the blogs related.  Some have been saved only and will still be posted, so do check out my future entries for more exciting adventures...
     The best however was on the day of my birthday after our church service, when we went to Papa John's.  You'll have to check-out my write-up on that.

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