Thursday, March 3, 2011

Guess Where? Rediscovering After 15 Years of Love, Friendship and Gastronomy

‎"A marriage is like a long trip in a tiny rowboat;
if one passenger starts to rock the boat, the
other has to steady it; otherwise, they will
go to the bottom together."

Fifteen years of wonderful partnership in building a family where God is the center.
Fifteen years of challenges and keeping up with the times yet staying a meek housewife.
Fifteen years, full of questions where answers are still hard to find.
Fifteen years...I couldn't trade my life for something else!
Now, looking ahead, for more years with more challenges, I bet more questions,  but this time more            enthusiasm in facing them, call it adventure, call it life, whatever you call it, we are the ones making it and certifying that it has to be a wonderful ride, in whatever facet of our relationship takes us.

We planned a bit about the day we will celebrate it, of course it has to be a time where kids needed to be left home and enjoy each other's company.  We for the first time went to this special place, to relax and plan our future, do check out the pictures , can anyone guess where this place is?
If you do, leave a comment, indicating the name of the place and I will give you a treat!

This was a trully special day for us, having to celebrate it in a special place and most of all share Chef Laudico's Chocolate Truffles and Pralines.

Capping the day with coffee for me and my hubby, at Cafe Breton.   It has been a routine for us to have coffee at least two times a day, at breakfast and during afternoon snack time.    I attended an event at Santa Rosa, Laguna in the morning till 2 pm  got a bit exhausted and hungry so he asked me to have coffee.

It was our first encounter with this seemingly French Style both in the cafe's design and menu.   I know for a fact that they serve excellent crepes and omelletes, I just haven't realized it yet till this day, our anniversary.

Yip! Both the hot cafe latte, Machiatto and this cold coffee, Cafe Liegeois (leej wah) tasted really good!

Gallete Rustique

We had a savoury crepe which is mozzarella filled with Canadian Bacon, Egg and Tomatoes provencial.   Very tasty and satisfying, we shared with this one-plated dish and came out the cafe really full.   Just looking at this picture had me reaming and ranting to go back and try out other delights from them.
We had a fantastic experience and shared with my life-long partner!

Yes I know our life is so blessed, you want to know why?  Because we, me and my husband, have surrendered our lives to the Lord Jesus!
No, our life ain't perfect, specially our marriage, we have been to home-wrecking experiences, sanity challenges but we have to learn our lessons, somehow the Lord has allowed it for Him to shine on us.
If you are right now having troubles with your marriage or relationship, please join me in this short prayer,

"Lord, thank you for you are right now speaking to my heart and telling me everything will be alright, even though right at this very moment I don't see that.   You know every bit of me and whatever i am going through it will come to pass because You are a just and a loving God.   Help me Lord, sustain me and my loved one's, give me wisdom, give me strength and above all help me to forgive, as I have been forgiven.
I surrender everything to you Lord, the hurts, the pains, all infirmities and above all give me peace and your love that abounds.
In Jesus Name! Amen."

Thank you so much for reading my blog, I guess I've shared a bit of my life!   All worth it!


  1. so happy for you sis!!! truly our Lord has been faithful to your household...more and more blessings and more and more LOVE to both you & Bhogs and the kids. We love you guys!!! Continue to be an inspiration!!!

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