Friday, March 25, 2011

FRUI-QUET Healthy and Heavenly Delights

     Still celebrating my birth-month and  having to celebrate it with my friends, my sis-in-law and my daughter, Danielle, who also have birthdays on March, has been an exciting and exhilarating process.  Ideas on what to give them, where to bring them or how I'll make their day truly special, as what I would want my birthday to be, has been thought-provoking.  
    A bouquet of flowers or chocolates are quintessential gifts since time immemorial.   Today is an era of novel  ideas that would bring more "wows" to any occasion or happenings.    Don't get me wrong a dreamy occasion  needs to be dressed up with flowers, bunch of them would even pump up the feeling it brings.   However, as the song says, flowers fade.   Another trend is to give home-made baked goodies in sassy boxes, such as brownies and cupcakes or even expensive cakes and chocolates.   But don't you get tired of them.   I used to bake and I do love to give them as gifts but then I don't have the time and the strength to do them anymore plus my eating lifestyle has changed since we discovered about my daughter's diabetic condition.    So when I give something for someone that is dear to me,  I put in mind what would be best for their health.
Well "orange" you glad fruits are in and have proved to be objects of endearment!
Let me introduce,  considered to be the first in the Philippines, "fresh and fruity creations for every occasion,"
    I had the honor to talk to the owners of the shop.  Being experts in the field of corporate industry, the couple,  Alan and Noeme Supnet shared how they begun.  Started out in July, so far they have gathered enough customers and have been invited to some TV appearances and interviews from news prints.  They are actually thinking of branching out to reach more clients and now making turns on closing bids with some corporate accounts.  The idea was from Noeme's trip to the US.  Fruit Bouquet (that's were they got their name), is so popular in the States and brought home samples to study.   Eventually, she drew the idea and took classes in Virginia, on fruit and vegetable carving.  With skills, an eye for art and style, love for healthy foods, Noeme works the magic and creates fantastic designs that would totally fit any occasion.   From the box, the plastic wrapper and the gift card, all have been carefully thought of.  I do believe, they make sure also, the freshness of the fruits they use.  What is more appealing is that they can customize the fruiquet for you.  For a more fanciful design you can choose from different mugs to carry the bouquet.  One can also add balloons, teddy bears,  pictures and own messages.   For a more befitting present, you can also put a bottle of wine and their own Chocolate Fondue dip on a jar. 
 To seal in the freshness of their creations, this is how it is going to be delivered to the recipient.
 In the picture are me, my husband and our cuties, enjoying Picole inside Frui-Quet shop.
 Parking space is available for drop-bys and walk ins.  And you wont miss it cause it is easy to find, just ahead of Banapple Cafe.
    My sister-in-law, Lhen Felizardo (Senior Executive Officer of UCPB), enjoying her gift.  And it was well appreciated.   To let you know, this is my second order, the first one was for my best-friend's birthday, owner of TRISHCA Store and SSA Head of Administration, Tricia Montinola.    She told me that it was a wonderful surprise and have called me, to tell me, she ate it already with much delight!   This will definitely not my last!

Address:   221-D Katipunan Ave., Project 4,
Quezon City
Call them at:   794-5999 or 09178183008


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