Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tomar Tapas x Bar at Amorita Resort, Panglao

One of the distinct factors that might have added winning points to Amorita getting an acclaimed Conde Nast Johansen award is their take on food service.

As Saffron takes pride in serving dishes from Boholano's heart, Tomar boasts of their tapas, paellas, and pintxos with a modern flare and probably the only restaurant in Panglao serving the best of Spanish cuisine.

My first night at Amorita Resort had been unforgiving of my diet.  However, a meal done perfect paired with their signature sangria could not dissuade me from indulging the night away.

I was very impressed by the vibe given off by Tomar.  From the dark hallway to its label hoisted on the black wall, up to the huge wooden barn door. The intermix of black to gray, with the woods from the long communal tables, the floor, and the wine storages, gives you a hint of what to expect in Tomar. It all matched the sophistication of rustic tapas bar in Spain.

I love the simplicity of this industrial type pendant lamps.

What better way to have friends and families to come together that with wines paired with good food.

Their tapas vary from meat topped on bread...

To deep-fried seafood such as calamari.

This bowl of gambas speak for itself, it's a sultry dish bathed in olive oil and herbs.

Their pintxos are never to be passed up.  BTW, compared to tapas, pintxos (also widely known as pinchos) are Spanish finger food served on sticks or with toothpicks. 'Pintxo' is a 'Basque-ified' take on the Spanish word 'pincho', which itself comes from the verb 'pinchar', which is 'to pierce'. Pinchos are traditionally pierced with a cocktail stick to attach it to the piece of bread that they invariably came attached to.

Their home-made chorizo is amazing.

So yes, when this was served, I said I'm going to hate this place, cause, it's going to ruin my diet.  And, it did!

Plus this, their version of Paella Negra. But here's the thing.  I've read somewhere that there is no such thing as Paella Negra. There is the Arros Negre, rice cooked with squid ink to give its ingredients that nice black color, which isn’t even considered a paella, how ever many have been mistaken this dish as paella negra!

But then again, misnomer or not, this rice dish is definitely THE bomb!  And to top the delectable experience, no one ever noticed really if someone had gotten their teeth black from this.

The meal ended with Churros and lots of it.

Do check out how Amorita Resort faired with us here.

Tomar Tapas x Bar

Address:  2nd level Saffron Restaurant
                Amorita Resort, Alona Beach,
                Panglao, Bohol
For more info check out Amorita Resort's website.

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