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Turning Wilderness to Wonder at Amorita Resort

Have you ever seen the wonder
In the glimmer of first sight
As the eyes begin to open
And the blindness meets the light
If you have so say

I'm walking in the wonder
You're the wonder in the wild
Turning wilderness to wonder

from the song Wonder by Hillsong United

Upon reaching Amorita's lobby, one word came to my mind instantly, wonder.

Before I could tell you something about how I felt when I once again reconnected with the mesmerizing shores of Panglao, let me first say how glad I was to reach Amorita and to experience their warm services and the smiles of the hotel staff.  Because there is really something about the welcoming smiles of Boholanos (which I have apparently inherited from my father's side).

Not-so tired from a red-eye flight, the staff greeted us with a cold towel and a refreshing pandan cooler.  Though I enjoyed every sip I made with the drink, I had this sort of locked-focus feelings on my eyes and they're focused on the azure blue horizon of the Bohol sea.

These feelings -comfort, relaxation, peace, bliss, all connotes to wonder.  Something you can never have in the urban wilderness that's called Manila.

Scenic Sights Around the Resort Premis

Unnoticeable when you enter their gate, Amorita is perched atop a limestone cliff overlooking the Bohol Sea. Unique in its own right, it's the only resort in Alona situated as such, making it even more secluded and private.

However, a secret will be revealed when you get to explore the whole of the resort.

So, do continue to browse below...

Lush greeneries and manicured lawns, as if entering someone's hacienda.

The first secret revealed, the guest's entrance lobby leads to an infinity pool and a commanding view of the sea.

Next secret, a private lagoon with beautiful rock formations and Bohol's famed fine, powdery white sand.

On the end of the property, there is a stairway to go down this secret lagoon.

Strewn around the resort are perfect spots to laze-around or take your Instagram-worthy shot.

There are two areas to swim at, both are infinity pools, facing the sea, one is located just outside the Saffron Restaurant, while the other is in the lobby.

Isn't this scenery immaculate? Right weather, blue sky, the beach, not crowded and calm water.

Everywhere you stand or sit, it's just calling for you to snap a blissful story.

An Array of Room Accommodations to Fit Your Necessities

Together with a fellow traveler and media personnel, we stayed at one of the Junior Suites, which was located a stone throw away from Saffron and Tomar.  The building where we stayed at is called Bilar, named after the municipality of Bilar where the famous man-made forest is found.

In that, each of Amorita's buildings is named after Bohol's famous municipalities, still paying homage to the true values of nature-loving Bohol.

Junior Suite

Ocean Villa

I love that they applied the modern and minimalism style, which somehow connotes rest and relaxation, having unshowy colors and clean wooden structures.  In spite of their style, modern amenities were not compromised, as each room has a flat screen LED TV that has cable channels, also, WiFi is stable inside the room and on the pool sides.

Garden Villa

Bedroom Suite

Take Joy in their Cuisine

Amorita has two restaurants servicing the guests - Saffron and Tomar restaurants.

Both are located in one building, Saffron is at the ground level while Tomar is on the second level.

It's an open-concept dining, having the feeling that nature is communing you even as you enjoy a meal or just a drink.

The hues, white, black and gray are greatly used as their design palette, a rest from the colors, blue and green that dominate the whole picture.

The buffet area, where you can indulge in a comforting buffet breakfast and dinner.



Impeccable Service

There's nothing more to ask for here at Amorita.  The staff always greet you and made sure you're well-attended to, even though they are classified as a "green hotel" clean up staff are always active when needed.

New-comer guests always have treats to munch on at their room.  Even their bar has a healthy option beverages. I love both the bottled, ready-to-drink Pandan Lime tea and Calamansi Cucumber juice.

Together with a sweet note, staff deliver treats in the morning and at night as part of their complimentary service to the guests.

Of course, villa guests get the more luxurious treats with a bottle of sparkling white wine and fresh fruits.

Other Amenities for Lifestyle Needs

Sea Tree Spa for massages and spa treatments.

Zen-like entrance.

Lifestyle store to buy hats and beach clothes, they also have anti-mosquito lotions and sunblock.

You can also use the bikes to go around or to explore other parts of Tawla, Panglao Island.

How can I forget the care they also gave me while ailing with an upset stomach.  Called the front desk if they give out medicines, I was told that they have a nurse on stand by and can give specific medicines when needed.  After a few minutes, the nurse went to my room and gave me 2 pieces of loperamide and another bottle of drinking water.


It's no question why Amorita won excellence awards. It has bagged several prestigious marks such as the Trip Advisor Hall of Fame awardee and Certificate of Excellence recipient for seven consecutive years and was also recognized as an ASEAN Green Hotel Awardee in 2016.

Amorita stands as the only resort in the Philippines to earn the prestigious Condé Nast Johansens’ Excellence Award 2017 for Best Service.


Address:1 Ester Lim Drive, Barangay Tawala, Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol.
Contact Details:  (38) 502-9002 Bohol Office
                            533-9549 or 0917-861944 Manila office

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