Thursday, August 3, 2017

Named Milkshakes at Shakeaway

In my first time to explore Uptown Mall in BGC, I literally entered a candy store.  But it's not actually a candy store, but there are shitloads of candies in it, you could die of diabetes if you stay there for too long.

Well, of course, I'm kidding.  Diabetes, won't exactly kill you right away, but you can still get away and deal with your sweet cravings and have yourself an awesome, tall cup of customized milk shake.

After many attempts of the owner inviting me to try their world-famous shake, I finally was able to find time to visit its second branch, which was located on the fourth floor of Uptown Mall.

Finding the place was a bit tricky since it is also the floor where the food court is and other restaurants.  Shakeaway is parallel to the chapel right out at the veranda, next to Cafe Mary Grace.

Told you I entered a store full of candies, though they're not selling the candies and chocolate bars and what not.

So I did surrender to the magic of their custom blender.

Shakeaway is an international franchise which started in the United Kingdom, said to be "world's largest milkshake bar company."  Aside from their branch in Bournemouth, UK and here in the Philippines, they have branches in Mexico, Malaysia, USA, Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan and Timor Leste.

So I guess, the world needs one heck of a milkshake to rule the world.  To date, this is the only store I know, specializing in what else, milkshakes, though they have yogurt bowls also.

So what's the big deal with Shakeaway anyway, hmmm...that rhymes?

Their milkshakes have been named!  They have dozens and dozens of mixed creations that have been named already, so you don't bother thinking of what to put in your milkshake.  But with the number of pre-created milk shakes, you might also go gaga.  But, they seemed to be brilliant as they know what their clients like.

Say for example, my first Shakeaway choice, Sunshine Sarah, from their summer menu.  It has fresh strawberries and blueberry cream tart cookies. BTW, you have the option to choose which kind of milk shake base you want, either the ice cream or frozen yoghurt.

What do you think I chose?  I went with the yoghurt since I'm craving for something tarty and healthy of course.

I got something special topped on my shake, which is an added treat for an additional price of course. I had M & M's for that extra chocolatey taste and burst of color.  But, they do have a promo running- you get a FREE topping when you order a shake and it's raining.

 Is that a brocoli in between layers of fruits and ice cream?

Meet Max?

Max is my second cup of milkshake, it has all the chocolatey flavors with a hint of mint.  This one is a bit cakey with real chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate filled mint candy and topped with chocolate chips.


For their world famous named milkshakes and named frozen yoghurts, a regular cup is priced P 250 while the large one is P 310 excluding toppings.

Try not to miss their frozen yogurt desserts, you're going to thank me after!

Compared to Greek yogurts theirs is not too tarty and perfect for all kinds of mixins and toppings.

With that let me just say this out in the open, "I love Izzie!"

Izzie has sliced bananas and strawberries and granola.


Address: Fourth Floor, Uptown Place Mall,
               Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

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