Monday, August 14, 2017

Foodie Discovery at WOFEX 2017: Benjabi Ventures Corporation

The hip durian Ice Cream from Malaysia is now in Manila, ready to cause hype in the coming days.

Unknowingly, Benjabi has been in business for years in importing seafood and Wagyu cubes in the country and delivering to restaurants.

Now, they had taken new heights and have launched new products and brands under their umbrella company.  They are the sole distributor of Malaysian Veri Ice Cream in the country, bringing the unique flavors, durian, sweet corn, red bean and yam. 

The durian flavor is exquisite and true to its taste, one bite and the durian aroma bursts into your mouth, but you will keep on biting one after another.  It's a soft kind of ice cream either on a stick or in a cup.

Another foodie finds in WOFEX are these Kushi Wagyu cubes and shrimps on steak, taking the street food trend up a notch.

With the pack I bought I made enough Kushi Wagyu Salad for the whole family.

Dona Juana Sardines and Bangus in jars are also part of the products.

Another brand that came under its roof is Dee's Gourmet Popcorn.

To know more about their products or to order you can contact +63 9355479 502 or 632 725 3738.

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  1. I think that BENJABI is the perfect choice for the clean and good quality seafood for the people. All of their products are clean and hygienic. Recommended to all to try it once.


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