Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Z Hostel Cafe and Bar

For many backpackers and budget travelers, finding the right accommodation is key for a great travel experience.  Southeast Asia has a splendid lists of hostels and guesthouses that had made traveling with ease more of a delight than an adventure.  Our country boasts of some great ones too.  In Makati, TripAdvisor has garnered a lot of reviews from it's registered users from this hostel seated right smack where Makati fun and nightlife is, all you need is to look for the letter Z.

Z Hostel is a new addition to Poblacion, Makati's host of hostel and budget accommodation. However, Z Hostel, getting its inspirations from well-loved hostels in SE Asian countries have leveled up budget accommodation, with stellar services, food and putting fun in budget vacation.

Before I got to explore the hostel, I was able to savor a couple of dishes from their Filipino cuisine menu.  I like the idea that they have chosen to introduce and highlight our very own cuisine.

One of which you can notice is how they have designed their cafe. The cozy cafe, where breakfast is also served in buffet style made use of woods and instead of having fancy wallpapers on the walls, they had banig - handwoven palm mats.

Check out some of the best-sellers I've tried at Z Hostel's Cafe and Bar.

For appetizer, together with some mom foodies, we had Tokwa't Baboy (Pork and Tofu) and Classic Sisig (Grilled and sauteed Pig Ears).  

To be honest, there's nothing special to these dishes, but if served to foreigners, these become spectacular food discoveries.  Prepared the traditional way a home-cook would, these will make our foreign guests feel right at home, like how it's served in typical Filipino homes.

Oh, but don't get me wrong.  Classic as it should be, their down-right delish and filling.  Heck I could eat these two dishes with rice.

For our entree, we were served with Chicken Adobo Flakes plate.  Yes, they do serve all-day breakfast meals and this is one of them.  Served with a cupful of plain rice, another cupful of the adobo flakes and a hefty serving of green mango and salted egg salad.  A perfect all-day meal for me.  I could literally have this kind of plate in any time of the day.

A Filipino meal won't be complete without soup and some vegetables, in fact a complete meal comes with a soup + meat +veggies all in one pot, and the best example is the sour tamarind-based soup famously called Sinigang.

We Filipinos have a penchant to sour or tangy dishes and we love sharing it to our foreign friends.  What I like about their Sinigang is that that sourness isn't that strikingly sour plus another good factor is the tender chunk of pork it was cooked with.  Need I mention that they also advocate farm-to-table concept?  They have several farmers friends whom they get the produce from thus assuring freshness of each ingredients.

Last but not the least is this plate of Bagnet with KBL.  KBL is short for Kamatis (tomato), Bagoong (Shrimp paste) and Lazona (onions), it's like the Ilocos' version of Pico de Gallo or salsa fresca. Another way of educating foreign friends' palate is through a soy sauce dip and pickled papaya (atsara).

These sinful bite-sized grub is a best-selling bar chow and viand at the same time.  Though I found their pork chunks hard to the bite but seasoned right without assaulting my sensitive taste buds.


The dinner was capped off with a cup of their unique brew of coffee.  It was defined to have four different kinds coffee beans and one of which is a mountain brew that's found locally.  The brew was customized for Z, hence called as the Z brew.

Care to see the letter Z on my coffee...doesn't that sound rhymey?  And yes, the coffee was z great!

Aside from the coffee, they also serve booze and some are in the form of local artisan beers and fun cocktail mixes.

Do catch the next installment to Z Hostel's review on my next blog.

For now let me have some more zzzzz's...


Address:  5660 Don Pedro Street
                Makati City, Philippines

Contact Details: +63 927 965 2692
Email: reservations@zhostel.com
Website: zhostel.com/
Facebook:  ZHostelph

Z Hostel Bar & Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


  1. I've been hearing about this place before but not because of its food. Your photos made me hungry... and it's not helping that I'm reading your blog at 2:00 in the morning! :D


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