Thursday, December 10, 2015

Z Hostel: Beyond Back-packing in Makati

A hostel is considered a budget-oriented stay venue typically with shared-room ("dormitory") accommodation that accepts individual to group of travelers (mostly backpackers) for short-term stays. It also meant to provide common areas and communal facilities.  It something backpackers and budget travelers had gotten used to and with that made traveling experience more candid yet social. According to a solo backpacker I know, communal facilities have opened up horizons for them to meet new friends from different nations and sparked more interests in exploring different cultures and places.

One of which stood best among the rest in Makati, it's Z Hostel. Located in Poblacion, it's near Rockwell, Makati Ave. and the Makati red light, where the fun is.

Networked with a travel agency, hobbyists, book-lovers, artists and even a pole dancer, Z Hostel proves to bring more fun inside than any other four star hotels in he vicinity.  Check out the bamboo bike at the lobby.  It's not only for display Bambike actually gave this to Z attracting local tours on bamboo bikes.  Behind the Bambike is a book exchange nook, where you can leave books to share or borrow from the hotel.  Just a little something for bookworms.

Z Hostel knows what travelers need and want.  So they incorporated details to their facilities which proved to be very helpful for their guests.  Design-wise, the hostel bordered in between stark to modern-industrial look.  Simple, streamlined and clean.  

The lobby alone hosts a lot of benefits: air conditioned lobby and fast and free wifi, comfy couches and benches to lounge on, and desktop computers with flat screens perfect for planning your next trip. If you're lucky enough, you can chance upon artists pop up with their artworks or learn a thing or two about pole dancing.

Z has three amazing types of accommodation, MIXED DORMS, ALL-FEMALE DORMS and PRIVATE ROOMS.

How can you go wrong with USD 17 or PHP 749 for a bunk bed space for 8. or 6 Pax Dorm at USD 19 / PHP 849 not even a 4 Pax Dorm at USD 21 / PHP 949.  The rate is just a steal.

Customized bunk beds are each equipped with its own electric socket and reading lamp. Also, each bed has its own towel rack to hang your towel to dry. With small details such us waiting in line to use the bathroom sink is also met, In the 8pax and 6pax Mixed Dorms, there is a sink inside the room for you to do the basic necessities. 

What I also love are the blackboards attached to some bunk beds, where you can practice doodling, do some calligraphy, share a some quotes and notes or just be creative in playing around.

If you find it unsafe to leave your gadgets in the room to charge, you can lock it inside your assigned locker which has its own electric socket and enough space to put your stuff secured.

The mixed dorms are meant to be shared with the other gender, but if you're uncomfortable with the idea and you're a female, the All-female dorm should suit you to a tee.  

“Stiletto” room as it's sometimes referred to was created for all female backpackers who needed to be a lady without being in the company of gentlemen. Armed with a dresser, make-over nights and OOTD is covered. For only USD 20 or PHP 899, this kind of dorm has the same amenities of the mixed dorms except the rooms' lockers are bigger.

Like the mixed-dorms, breakfast is included.

 If however, you're a bit meticulous and OC about being with others, you can use any PRIVATE ROOMS for USD 52 / PHP 2,430.

The comfy bedding to match any high-end hotels in Manila is enough to bring you to Lala land.  Simple yet sleek, you can easily fall of to sleep and get that much needed zzz' after partying at Z's roof deck.


Address:  5660 Don Pedro Street
                Makati City, Philippines
Contact Details: +63 927 965 2692

Facebook:  ZHostelph


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