Friday, December 4, 2015

SKYBEENZ Operates Widely in Manila and Across Asia

It was a night of new discoveries and cultural immersion as Taiwanese convened at one of Marriott Manila Hotel's ballroom for the SKYBEENZ' appreciation tour.  Approximately 300 Taiwanese and Skybeenz executives were warmly welcomed last November 26, 2015, with stellar hotel accommodations at the Resorts World Manila's vicinity and a spectacular Asian-inspired dinner coupled with a first-class Filipino entertainment.

SKYBEENZ Executive officers
A huge Asian company, SKYBEENZ, with Manila as its Headquarters, is committed to become one of the premier entertainment financial solutions in Asia. The company is bound to actively extend their business territories across Asia while strengthening it's operation in Manila and pursuing a steady growth.  SKYBEENZ also seeks to develop their regional market as they aim to become the premier entertainment resource integration group.  

As they continue to search for more appropriate acquisition opportunities in Asia, the five VIP branches stand to be their business stronghold - SKYClub, SKYGame, SKYShop, SKYTravel and SKYMoney.  

SKYClub offers the exclusive services to SKYBEENZ Group of VIP, VIP and entertainment and casinos-related membership services to members everywhere.  With Best Armor Group providing the service.

SKYTravel provides travel planning services for VIPs.  Bottom line is that they want their VIP clients enjoy  every vacation and SKYBEENZ fills it with happy memories.  Thus, travel schedule is regularly updated so that clients can have the coolest entertainment activities.  In this, they strongly uphold the tenet which is service first.

SKYGame provides online gaming services for VIP clients.  With the dozens of different gambling games in SKYGame, clients can play for fun while enjoying exciting gambling without time and space limitations.  

SKYShop provides boutique shopping services for VIP clients.  With the wide range of boutique items like any other online store, they let clients enjoy boutique shopping without leaving their comfort zones.

Lastly, SKYMoney is SKYBEENZ' industry which provides network financial services for their VIPs.  Being the largest financial network, withdrawing virtual currencies, depositing, money transfer services are just some of their business handles.  In the future, SKYMoney will operate loan services to their VIP clients giving them opportunity to have capital turnovers.

With other offices in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Southeast Asia, they were able to go global by furnishing one-stop sales of goods and services on internet.  Boasting with global advantages and a legal license in the Philippines, the company's investment projects involve traditional physical industry, land development, tourism, VIP member services, online entertainment, gaming services and personal projects for VIP clients.

 They welcome anyone interested to join if anyone wants to raise funds in the world and increase sales performance.  SKYBEENZ can offer a variety of activities for membership raising funds, electricity suppliers and solutions for payment.

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