Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Baskets and Blankets at The Grove by Rockwell + Precious Family Time

Because Sundays are for the ones you genuinely love and spending time listening to God's Words and having fun afterwards...Family picnics are part of it too!

One fine Sunday, much to my surprise, I was invited by Chef Michelle Adrillana of Flavors on Fire Catering at the Baskets and Blankets after being persistent and prayerful to get a slot over her IG post.

The drive to The Grove by Rockwell was pleasant and my girls are so thrilled. It was our first time to go to The Grove along C5.  Unplanned as it was, we never really know what awaited us, except that we will be watching Parent Trap on an outdoor set up.

After reaching the drive going to the condominium units, the courteous guards, all-smiles led us to the parking space assigned to the guests of the said event, they were well coordinated.  After reaching our designated parking space, the guard led us to the elevator and where the event was.

All we thought, a vast open space in one of their ground would be the venue for the outdoor cinema and picnic, it was another awesome surprise as a neatly manicured lawn was adorned with blankets, pillows and crates, right smack at the top of the parking lots. The fourth floor, which was above the parking areas interconnects the different buildings of The Grove, as this also provides for the pool and outdoor amenities of the condo.

After registering, we were given a basket full of picnic essentials.  We were also told that a buffet spread was also prepared for us to savor on while relaxing on our laid out blanket and the sunset. Such a blessing!

It was a different kind of picnic for all of us, specially to my girls.  Our Dana even dressed up for the occasion, garbed with a country outfit and a cowboy hat to boot. Kudos to the event coordinators and the PR company behind the event for putting up a fete such as this.

Family pic on our blanket
How I wish we could own one of the unit here and enjoy more events like this.  Can you see our backdrop, and how the modern luxurious condo living invites?

I can't thank this pretty chef enough for this opportunity.  Flavors on Fire Catering,  home-based catering business by Chef Michelle, is among a number of food purveyors present in the said event. 

On her booth is a completely unique take on Aligue Pasta.  The charm of this pasta dish lies its straightforwardness.  The creamy crab fat that swathed the spaghetti was enough for me to say "good bye to diet for now." It was nothing pretentious only the pure "putok-batok" taste of crab fat which was seasoned perfectly.

Of course, these girls doesn't know how to stay away from all that's ice cream, let more Dippin Dots.

The commercial spaces on The Grove's vicinity were also represented aptly with some of their resto' best-sellers.  Above is Breakfast and Pies stall. Did I mention they now have a branch at The Grove?

You might want to read on my review of their first branch in Teacher's Village, Q.C. here.

Indian cuisine, represented! Om Indian Cuisine s also now in the same area, after transferring from their Greenhills' branch.

Picnics without popcorn and cotton candy isn't complete and would be less of fun, hence, these...

So, aside from the aforementioned food establishments present on Baskets and Blankets, Chef Florabel Co-Yatco of Florabel Caterings have also provisioned a delectable spread of picnic and backyard dining faves.  We were lucky to be included in the 50 VIP's listed as guests to have tasted all these.  I kinda miss Sweet Pea at Venice Piazza and it's been a while since we last had a good meal at Felix, so upon hearing Chef Florabel catering for us, my heart just skipped a beat.

This meant an early dinner and one which replaced our coffee habit, it was a fab meal none the less.

Baskets and Blankets was all about celebrating at The Grove's Grand Lawn with spectacular food finds, scenic views, the majestic sky, Parent Trap shown in the huge projector screen, families relaxing on the blankets and grass and a comfortable lifestyle to beat.

After having watched the sky change from one color to another and displayed beautiful clouds in between the towers, the grandeur emanates more in the night as the lights were lit, which makes the event not only family-fun but also romantic.

This was truly a secret haven only residents of the Grove can enjoy every time they wake up.  If you're like us, who wishes to be part of this luxurious urban living, visit their website and check out available units and see how you might be able to get one. 

Family time is important to us, like my husband have always quoted from someone, ""Happiness comes from unselfish service. And happy homes are only those where there is a daily striving to make sacrifices for each other’s happiness.”  When you make your kids your priority, sacrifices won't even look like one, it would be just like having fun always and will mean more than any material given to them.

These kind of events, gatherings are just some of things you too can share with you family, for more suggestions and updates on family evens, do check us out often, we'll have more for you and your family.

Address: Tiendesitas, Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Pasig, Metro Manila

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