Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Danica's 6th Birthday Cake from Aggy's Cakes and Pastries

What: Danica Jezreel's 6th Birthday Celebration
When: September 22, 2011, Recess time
Where:  Golden Treasure Baptist Academy

 This could have been  printed on a powdery-scent, light pink board with matching Barbie stickers.    But we opted having the celebration simple and private.   Our youngest daughter who didn't ask for anything else but whatever that is Barbie-doll themed, just grinned and said to her Dad, "It's okay not having Jollibee visit our school on my birthday, as long as Ate Dana is not sick anymore."   She prayed that her sister Dana will be with her at school to share her cake with her classmates and teachers.   Just days before her said and planned birthday, Dana our third child was stricken with Pneumonia, and having her blood sugar unstable, having to rush her to the hospital at 1 in the morning.
But the Lord is so gracious that she was able to recover fast, though our plans were completely mishandled due to some financial instability.  
But this should not be a reason why she will not be happy on her birthday, I will not let that happen.   Once after we got out of the hospital, I went to a nearby specialty bakeshop outside Magallanes Village in Makati, to check out what I can get for her on that day.    We never told anything about her birthday, except that I will be baking chocolate cupcakes for all of them.   She didn't ask anything also, not even a birthday cake.   She understood very well the situation we were in.   But I managed to keep this a secret to her.
Here everyone look on as my daughter blew her candle.  Before that her teacher led a class prayer for her and chosen kids were given a chance to greet her in a fun and playful way.
The cupcakes I made for the ABC's of ACE class

Jaeda, her cousin and classmate enjoying the cupcake
Thanks so much to Aggy's Cakes and Pastries for whipping this up.   The kids were amazed at all the candy toppers, all "kikay" stuffs that my daughter loves.    How can they forget the huge Barbie in long violet gown candy topper.    Chef Aggy's staff makes customized cakes perfect for your themed parties and events
We had a taste for ourselves, the soft, airy and light Vanilla Cake Aggy's made.   It was very good!  The cake wasn't that sweet to lessen the sugary effect of the marshmallow frosting and the candy toppers.   For others it may be a bit pricey as compared to commercial cakes, but you have to taste the difference for yourself and you will definitely say , it's worth the price, anyway, the joy of a child on her birthday is priceless!
And no her happy day didn't end there, the whole family went to Museong Pambata, to give in to their request, but then we came in 15 minutes before it closed so we went to Cosmic Kids of Mall of Asia instead.

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  1. What a touching story! A kid who didn't ask for anything...Bless you baby!


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