Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pan Pacific Manila's Renovation Grand Launch Party

I went home tonight from a brief night out to attend an event at Pan Pacific.   Yesterday, during the storm, it was pitch black outside our neighborhood, as an effect of storm Pedring.  Certain light outposts have been damaged leaving part of our "barangay" without electricity.    Just so thankful that from a far I can see our home lighted up, and feeling a bit sorry for my neighbors specially my in laws who lived a few blocks away from us.   That being said I came home, with our living and entertainment area jam packed, as if we have an impromptu pajama party, though no one was wearing pyjamas, hahaha...My babies lined up in front of the 35 in LCD Tv, sound systems to the max, with them are their three cousins and my brother and sister-in-laws.    I'm happy getting home seeing them, safe and enjoying the night with Smurfs on the screen and with me are bags of  "bibingka and puto bumbong"  for "pasalubong."
What I'm really happy with is having people appreciate my writings with what I do as part and partial to keep me sane...nope, I'm not crazy, but God amazes me with how he opens up not only windows but doors of opportunities for me to use my spare time with and with simple words that emerge as I type what's on my mind.
I guess you're wondering where in Lala land have I been to, feeling this way,  It's at Pan Pacific Manila.
As their catchy lines resonated in the Renovation Grand Launch party - "New flavours are served hot at the first and finest Butler hotel in the Philippines! "- I was able to take part, as  Pan Pacific Manila unveils its revamped guestrooms.
Johnny Litton, from the "Oh No, It's Johnny" 1980's  show,  was the master showman for the night, giving the audience his timeless wit of entertainment.    With the picture above are some of the people who made Pan Pacific as prosperous and opulent as it is, included was Richard M.P.  Masselin, the General Manager of the hotel..   Also a cocktail dinner was made enchanting by the musical performances of the Bernie Pasamba String Orchestra.   How I love it when they played the Firework song of Katy Perry.
Miss Kathy Salenga (AD of  Sales and Marketing) and Ernie Bigay ( Sales and
 Marketing Assist), both from Pan Pacific, drawing off winner of GC's  with hotel and
accommodations from none the less 
And of course the party wouldn't be complete without a trip to "cocktail city" of the Pacific Lounge and here are what was served, oh by the way, these are just some, I'm not that sure if I was able to take a shot of all that's served, plus having to post them all is quite tedious...but I tried...

The dinner I had was ultimately lovely but I know only a few people, actually I could count them on my fingers.  All thanks to a friend who has lots of connections (exaggerating but true) and having tagged along was a  true blessing.

Now at home, after the launch party...
As I was nearly done cleaning the kitchen, the words from one Smurf reached my mind, "you know it's the right message when it comes from the heart."
I don't really consider my self as a good writer (hhmm, humble), as compared to the likes of Lori Baltazar, Margaux Salcedo, or even Anton Diaz, though I keep it in mind that whatever anyone reads here are reflections of my gratitude to the people who have made it possible for me to experience it all,  in genuine, concise and honest-to-goodness observations, that became words.

Lala lala la la, la lala la...

Kindly click on the picture to access Pan Pacific Manila's website

For reservations, call (632) 317 0788 and ask for the Butler, of course!

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  1. Gee, what a party! Drooling over those foods. I've heard that Pan Pacific serves really good food...


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